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We have the RESOURCES
to get it on STORE SHELVES.

Let us help you GET STARTED.

Edison Nation launched the first platform of its kind to
license and develop intellectual property, matching the
ideas of innovators with the needs of companies.

Inspiration comes in different forms.

Some arrive at their "aha"! idea spontaneously, while others arrive at a new solution by dealing with a routine problem. Edison Nation is home to serial inventors and new inventors alike. There is no wrong way to invent.

Inventors trust us to get their product ideas in front of partnering retailers, manufacturers, and brands.

Whether you have a conceptual idea, stick figure diagram, full-scale prototype or market-ready product, we want to hear about it.

Have an idea? See what we’re searching for now.

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Our Process

A look into how it works

  • Over $200+ million
    in sales worldwide

  • 100+ licensing deals


  • 50+ retailers stocking
    shelves with our products

  • Your success =
    our success

  • In-house experts
    (Engineering, Design, Patent)


Our team of product experts reviews each idea and carefully analyzes its potential. We present the leading concepts to our partners. If an idea is chosen for licensing, we will keep track of its development and keep you engaged along the way.


We have talented resources that can help guide your idea through to commercialization. Our licensing team has 100+ years combined experience in getting products placed in the market. We're ready and able to do the heavy lifting.

What are you waiting for?! Get started and submit your idea today!

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The Proof

We've secured hundreds of deals for our community of idea people. Innovators just like you — parents, DIY-ers, scientists, designers and inventing newbies — make up the Edison Nation community. To date, our products, in partnership with our community members, have earned more than $200 million in sales.


  • 07-eggies

    EGGIES: when it comes to eggs... hard-boiled means hard work! With Eggies you can finally enjoy hard-boiled eggs without peeling a single shell! Just crack and pour your egg into the Eggie, cook on your stovetop, and twist open for a perfect hardboiled egg!

  • 01-pressix

    PRESSIX: a new method to keep trash bags in place. Pressix-equipped trash cans are sold across the country in The Container Store, Williams-Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond and more.

  • 07-party

    PARTY IN THE TUB: now kids get to enjoy bath time all the time with the Party in the Tub light! The Party in the Tub light is made of durable plastic with a watertight and water-safe long-lasting LED light display. Turn on the Party in the Tub light and say good-bye to dirty diva dramas and those toddler tub tantrums!

  • 02-embracers

    EMBRACERS: the creative way to “embrace” a child’s foot. Embracers are available as part of Stride Rite’s Sesame Street® line of children’s shoes and are perfect for busy babies and for on-the-go moms.

  • 07-mr-steamy

    MISTER STEAMY DRYER BALLS: the fast way to get wrinkles out of your clothes without having to get out the iron. Turn your dryer into a wrinkle releasing machine and soften them as they dry for fluffier fabrics without the dryer sheets. Just add water and toss it in your dryer to get soft, wrinkle-free clothes without an iron or dryer sheets.

  • 03-donjoy-global

    DONJOY GLOBAL: rigid and elastic members form one well-designed brace. Dr. Nordt, a leader in orthopedic surgery, wanted to create a line of dynamic braces. DonJoy Global aligned with Dr. Nordt to bring the Reaction Knee Brace to full distribution.

  • 07-bacon-bowl

    PERFECT BACON BOWL: the easy way to make delicious edible bowls out of bacon! Just wrap your favorite cut of bacon around the Perfect Bacon Bowl and cook! With Perfect Bacon Bowl you can make Eggs, BLTS, Mac and cheese, Burgers, and even bread bowls for soups, stews, and more!

  • 04-pepper-popper-grill

    PEPPER POPPER GRILL: a pre-seasoned cast iron pan. The Pepper Popper Grill lets you create jalapeno appetizers on the stove, grill or in the oven.

  • 07-hot-huez

    HOT HUEZ HAIR CHALK: the hot new hair craze that allows you to instantly change your look with eye-popping color! Hot Huez Hair Chalk is fast, easy and washes right out with your shampoo. Just choose your hue, slide along hair and color goes on.

  • 05-wheelchair-cover

    WHEELCHAIR COVER: designed to provide a new level of style for your wheelchair. Covers feature classic quilting on the back and arms, with a dual-purpose cushion for support and comfort.

  • 07-emery-cat

    THE EMERY CAT BOARD: a stylish board that functions as a dual cat toy and claw duller, utilizing a patented abrasive coating that naturally files down cats' claws as they play, stretch or scratch. The Emery Cat's cardboard features a honeycomb-like surface and is infused with catnip to attract cats. Its base features non-skid durable footpads.

  • 06-order-remover

    STAINLESS STEEL ODOR REMOVER: stainless steel bar that binds to pungent pet odors. Contoured nubs massage your pet while neutralizing stubborn smells.

  • 07-gyro-bowl

    GYRO BOWL: the kid-proof bowl that rotates 360 degrees so food always stays in! Now parents can relax whenever kids snack! Just fill up the Gyro Bowl and you’re ready to go! Gyro Bowl’s inner bowl rotates 360 degrees and magically stays open side up, no matter what!

  • November

    Enventys, the product development and engineering group, opens shop

  • 01-enventys
  • May

    A reality TV show is born. Everyday Edisons hosts first live casting call

  • 02-everyday-edisons
  • April

    First season of Everyday Edisons premieres on PBS

  • June

    EdisonNation.com goes live

  • 03-edison-nation
  • September

    Everyday Edisons receives two Emmy Awards

  • 04-emmy
  • January

    The Independent Inventors Handbook is published

  • August

    Here, kitty kitty! The Emery Cat infomercial goes national

  • November

    Edison Nation forms partnership with notable R&D institute, Battelle

  • December

    Everyday Edisons is picked up by HULU

  • 05-hulu
  • April

    Bed Bath & Beyond licenses Jonathan Smith’s “Bed Risers” from the Students of Invention search

  • May

    American Public Television distributes Season 3 of Everyday Edisons

  • August

    The Gyro Bowl infomercial goes national

  • November

    Casting for Season 4 goes digital

  • May

    The Eggies infomercial goes national

  • June

    Popular Science chooses Mark Stark’s Natural Dexterous Hand as a Best Invention Award winner

  • 06-popular-science
  • September

    The 30 millionth little Eggie rolls off the assembly line

  • 07-eggies
  • June

    Bed Risers tests in select Bed Bath & Beyond stores for Back to College shopping

  • September

    Edison Nation featured on ABC News’ Nightline

  • January

    Hot Huez infomercial begins testing

  • May

    Hot Huez launches into retail

  • January

    Bed Risers is available year round in 600+ Bed Bath & Beyond stores

  • February

    Perfect Bacon Bowl launches at retail

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