Frequently Asked Questions

So, what exactly is Edison Nation?

Edison Nation is a company dedicated to helping independent inventors get their ideas licensed and into the marketplace. We focus on getting new products to market on behalf of our inventor community and on behalf of the retailers, manufacturers and companies we work with. Our team is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but our growing community of inventors can be found around the world.

I have this great idea for a new product. How do I share it?

We’re glad you asked! Edison Nation accepts ideas through our secure online submission process. First, check out what searches we have running. You’ll find we regularly work with household companies to help them find new product ideas. If you see a search that’s a fit for your idea, submit! We understand that we may not always have a search running that fits your idea. The Edison Nation Licensing team hosts an ongoing search for new consumer product ideas that is open to you whenever lightning strikes. Our Edison Nation ASOTV team also hosts a search for new hit TV products that is open to you at all times. If you’d like to learn more about the successful products that have come from our platform, please read through our success stories here!

How complicated is the submission process?

Submitting an idea to the Edison Nation team is easy. It’s your time to tell us about your idea, why it’s innovative, how you came up with it and more. You can also upload photography, videos, sell sheets and more to help tell your idea’s story. Once you start a submission, you can always save and edit later.

How do I know my idea is protected?

The submission process is secure. Each partner we work with signs an NDA confidentiality agreement. At the close of the submission, we ask you to sign an Innovator Agreement. It’s Edison Nation policy to keep your submissions safe and secure while in our system.

I think I get it! How do I get started?

Right this way! It’s free to join the Edison Nation community.

How do I get in contact Edison Nation?

If you have questions about Edison Nation, this FAQ is a great place to start. You may also want to jump over to our community-powered forums and visit our New Member FAQ. We have quite a few long time members who are happy to help guide you along. If you need further support and/or are having billing and technical issues, please find our Support Site. Also, connect with us socially! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+.