Insider Licensing Program for your patented or patent-pending ideas

No Deadline

The Insider Licensing Program is a year-round opportunity exclusively for Insiders.

The Insider Licensing Program is exclusive to our Insider members with patented or patent-pending ideas.

How it works:

If you have an idea that’s patented or patent-pending and you would like our Licensing team to pursue licensing opportunities on your behalf, submit it to this program.

Once submitted, our team will review your idea to ensure it’s a good fit. We’re looking for great ideas that we can license, so if we identify issues such as engineering challenges, a crowded market or cost issues, we’ll have to pass on an idea.

When your idea clears our preliminary review, we will prep your idea for licensing. This includes conducting a best partner review, gap analysis and determining the necessary direction for your idea.

We have the tools, the professionals, the resources and the contacts to generate commercial interest in your idea. Our team will position your product in the best possible light, and will be diligent in their efforts to get your product in front of the right people.

We’ll do the heavy lifting. In the end, the market decides what products will be successful. There are no guarantees other than this: we will take a vested interest in doing whatever is necessary to secure a deal. If we do not license your product, we’ll provide you with feedback so you know what’s been done and what to do next.

Due to the public nature of licensing, we only accept ideas from Insiders that are patented or patent-pending. A provisional patent application will suffice. It is $100 to submit an idea to the Insider Licensing Program, and you must be an Insider to be considered.

Curious about those Insiders who’ve gone before?

Chad Sindaco, John Darnell, Kenny Orr, Mike Bland and Peter Lefferson have all been in your shoes. Read more about their stories on the blog.

If you have questions about the Insider Licensing Program, be sure to read our FAQ.


Your idea must be patented or patent-pending (even a provisional patent application qualifies)

You must be an Insider. What does it mean to be an Insider member?

  • Your ideas save you money. Submit ideas for just $20 each and opt them into current or future searches for free.
  • Feedback at all stages. We’ll offer feedback on your idea if it’s not selected to move forward at any stage in the review.
  • Insider Licensing Program. We’ll work to license your patented or patent-pending ideas.
  • All-access pass to Room 5. Get the “inside scoop” on what’s really going on behind Edison Nation’s walls in weekly editions of Room 5.
  • Insider points. Earn reward points for each stage your idea passes, and use these points for free submissions, and more.
  • Review priority. Your ideas are reviewed ahead of the rest.

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