Everyone is an inventor

With the right resources, you are capable of creating the spark of innovation that will become tomorrow's leading product, technology, design or brand.

We have the resources. You have the ideas. Together, we are changing how product ideas are financed and brought to market forever. The cost to participate is minimal. The opportunity is great.

How It Works


1. Have an idea?

Find a search that’s a match.


2. Submit

Fill out our simple, secure submission form online. It's just $25 to submit your idea.


3. Review

Each innovation is reviewed by our expert review team.


4. Watch

Watch your idea move through each point of review on your dashboard.


5. Finalists

Edison Nation narrows it down to the top concepts and presents those to the search partner


6. Selection

If your idea is selected to move forward, Edison Nation will split licensing revenues with you, 50/50


7. Secure

If your idea is not selected, you can opt it out of our system and pursue on your own or keep it here, safe and sound, until another suitable search comes up