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Foldable baking pan

Deadline: Monday, March 15th, 2010 at 11:59PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

The deadline for this search has passed
Thank you to all who submitted ideas

New! Name Search to brand a featured Season 3 Everyday Edisons invention.

What better minds to enlist for naming an Everyday Edisons invention than our very own Edison Nation community?

For this Name Search challenge, not only will the selected inventor receive $500, but the new name will be written into an episode of Everyday Edisons (Season 3 set to begin airing in May on nationwide PBS affiliates).

Name Search Product: Foldable baking pan

Challenge Details: This foldable baking pan features flexible silicone bonding along the corners and edges that allow it to unfold and flatten into a tray. Without the usual baking pan walls, this foldable baking pan eases clean-up for avid bakers who waste time scrubbing the hard-to-clean corners and edges, while also reducing the amount of storage space typical pans require. And for bakers looking to achieve perfection in the appearance of their tasty confections, the pan’s collapsible walls make it easy to readily remove baked goods for final presentation or decoration.

The pan is a stand-out in a sea of similar commercial housewares.

Target Customers: Avid cooks, urban dwellers/ people with limited living space

Competitors: A loaf pan with walls that unlatch; a few others that are similar may exist.

Pricepoint: This product may eventually be sold individually or as a set, but for no more than $20 each.

Distribution Channels: All

About Name Searches:
In addition to traditional Live Product Searches, Edison Nation is now hosting “Name Searches” to get your clever ideas for new product names.

No amount of engineering or design can substitute for a strong brand and identity that instantly connects customers with a product.

Each name suggestion costs just $5 to submit to cover Edison Nation’s screening process. And you can breathe a sigh of relief since there’s no lengthy submission process to worry about. After a ll, the name should say it all, right?
Individuals whose product names are selected will receive $500 for their creative genius.

The deadline for this search has passed
Thank you to all who submitted ideas