Shelters, dogs, cats, and more

September 30, 2010

I spent last night at Stray Rescue walking dogs again. These dogs light up my days and break my heart at the same time. Some are in such horrible condition, yet have such great personalities and are so happy when the humans show up to walk and pet them. I was looking around the shelter last night and seeing that we have dogs in every conceivable corner of the building, and new rescues come in every day. They just can’t be fostered or adopted out fast enough. I made the mistake when I got home last night of asking Google to deliver to me videos of “dog gas chamber.” I wanted to remind myself why we work so hard for these dogs at a no-kill shelter. I watched one video and then went upstairs, laid down with our two foster-cats, and cried for two hours.

If I can ever make something out of this pet product I’ve developed, I would feel ashamed if I didn’t use the proceeds to ease the suffering of these animals. The staff at Stray Rescue do so much and I feel like I do so little. EN and their cat LPS could be my chance to do so much more. If not through EN, then I will find a way.