Lisa Schrader's Friends

  • kwarren's Avatar
    Karl Frank
    Skills/Activities: Inventor, Designer, Master Craftsman and Coach
  • pbg's Avatar
    Pete Goncalves
    Skills/Activities: 3D modeling, 3D Prototype, Industrial Design, Animation , and 3d Rendering & Illustration
  • 051263's Avataree_badge
    greg bruce
    Skills/Activities: Founder and CEO of CAT Fitness, Houston Inventors Association, Owner and operator of Coastal Fence Co., and Winner of the Fitness Invention Of The Year Award from Everlast
  • zabber's Avatargold
    Andrea Zabinski
    Skills/Activities: Entrepreneurship, Inventor
  • tamazi's Avatar
    Tamazi Nadibaidze
    Skills/Activities: nuclear engineer
    Location: Tbilisi, Tbilisi, GE
  • marvinbl7's Avatarg8_badge
    Marvin Blaine
    Skills/Activities: Print and Web Design
    Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
  • dianad's Avatar
    Diana Dumitru
    Skills/Activities: pastry chef
    Location: FAIRVIEW PARK, OH, US
  • imajane's Avatarname search
    Jane J.
    Skills/Activities: healthcare, nursing and Team Talva!!
    Location: Clayton, OH, US
  • rdhux's Avatar
    Robert Hucksold
    Skills/Activities: Woodworking, Problem Solver, Creative Thinking, AutoCAD, Graphic Design, Product Development and Enhancement, Conceptualization, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, and much more.
  • sarkis's Avatar
    Sarkis Derbedrosian
    Skills/Activities: General building Contractor,, and
    Location: glendale, CA, US
  • cabby's Avatargold
    Clint Baldwin
    Location: Roseburg, OR, US
  • cwilliams's Avatar
    Carol A. Williams
    Skills/Activities: Writer, Public Speaker/Educator, Inventor, Mentor, Accountant, cooking, mana, Training and Representation, and Professor in Business and Applied Technology
  • talva's Avatarg8_badge
    Thomas Alva
    Skills/Activities: Combining talents and Group work
    Location: Auburn, CA, US
  • tonilrey's AvatarRest In Peace
    Toni Rey
    Skills/Activities: Everyday Edisons Season 4 Finalist and 2010 ASOTV Qtr 4 Winner
  • chappy75's Avatar
    James Chapman
    Location: Bonita Springs, FL, US