5 Minute Furniture

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Jared Joyce came up with an intuitive system of easily-assembled furniture that could be constructed without tools. His “5 Minute Furniture” system can conveniently be fully constructed and used throughout the home, or stored under a bed when not in use, not to mention save space in cramped retail stock rooms.

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A formally trained architect, Jared Joyce has always had a penchant for creative conceptualization and design. Jared’s idea for 5 Minute Furniture has been many years in the making. While in college, he worked part-time in a large retail store, and noticed how well a certain prefabricated bookshelf not only sold on the floor, but stored in the stock room.

Inspired, Jared came up with a prototype for an entire system of modular, prefabricated furniture that could be put together without hand tools, screws or bolts. The Edison Nation team is excited to work with Jared as we further research the landscape of his product.

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