We don't just bring innovations to market;
we bring you along for the journey.

Everyday Edisons is our Emmy® Award-winning,
public television series that chronicles the start-to-finish
development process of our community
members' product ideas.



With four successful seasons to date, Everyday Edisons features ten inventors each season and chronicles their product's journey to development. Viewers like you not only learn about the inventors themselves, but also get a chance to watch the idea unfold from ideation with our design team and prototyping with our engineers, to the final product reveal.

Season-01a Season 1-A
Season-01b Season 1-B
Season-02 Season 2
Season-03 Season 3


Season-04 Season 4


Casting calls for Everyday Edisons are announced prior to each season and are open to all of our Edison Nation members. Inventors are asked to submit their ideas online for consideration. Those who make the finals are invited to meet our team in Charlotte, NC for an all-expense paid Casting Call Weekend and live audition. The ten inventors selected from the live audition will be featured on the show.


Everyday Edisons inventors have gone on to see their products sold on store shelves nationwide.


B. & M. Shepard

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Brad and Melinda Shepard's Gyro Bowl remains a top-selling parenting product. This spill-proof, kids' bowl can be found on the shelves of Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens and more.


Franklin Ramsey

Franklin Ramsey's Pressix technology continues to adorn many of the high-end trash cans you see on shelves today. Trashcans equipped with this bag-securing mechanism can be found at stores like William Sonoma, The Container Store, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond.


Michael Diep
Emery Cat

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Michael Diep's Emery Cat is quite the cat's meow. This innovative cat-scratching post is sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, PetSmart, Amazon and more.


W. Howe & R. Payne
Mr. Steamy

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Will Howe and Ric Payne's Mister Steamy hasn't lost any steam yet. This wrinkle-releasing dryer ball can be found at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon to name a few.


Wendy Hampton

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Wendy Hampton's Befudiom was licensed to gaming giant Goliath Games. Now board game lovers with a penchant for idioms can find this product on the shelves of Toys "R" Us stores.

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