Xspand Products Lab, Inc. is a vertically integrated and full-service product development and manufacturing company. Their platform brings innovative products straight from a napkin design to the consumer. With over 50 years of experience in design, development, manufacturing, sales, fulfillment and shipping, they are able bring products to market faster with less development risks.

The Edison Nation system will remain unchanged. Your ideas will remain in the system and are still protected under the standard terms and conditions of our Innovator Agreement.

No. All ideas are protected under our Privacy Policy and remain confidential.

Yes. We’ll continue to partner with companies who are seeking new innovation.

All existing commercialization channels outlined within our Innovator Agreement will remain the same.

Ideas submitted to the ongoing crowdfunding search will be evaluated through our normal eight-stage process. On an ongoing basis, ideas that reach the “Finalist Stage” (Stage 7) will be reviewed by our team of crowdfunding experts. Ideas selected for campaigns will be moved to “G8” status.

For all ideas that are chosen, Edison Nation will handle the costs to develop the product and create and run the crowdfunding campaign. There will be no additional costs beyond the initial submission fee ($25 for free members, $20 for Insiders) to participate in the crowdfunding search.

Successful campaigns will provide a stronger position for products to be commercialized either directly by Edison Nation and Xspand or through a licensing agreement.

Innovators who have successful crowdfunding campaigns will receive a 7.5% royalty payment on all adjusted gross campaign revenue (revenue received by the Edison Nation, less the sum of all costs associated with the crowdfunding campaign, including all fees, credit card processing and transaction fees, development costs, manufacturing production costs, tooling/mold costs, filming costs, advertising spend, digital marketing costs, shipping and freight costs, patent and trademark costs and expenses payable to third parties in connection with Edison Nation’s efforts to develop the crowdfunding campaign).