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How to submit a great idea

fsummers74's Avatargold

I have a very popular and unique product that is patent and ready to submit please help disable vet lacking computer skills.

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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Floyd! 

Welcome to Edison Nation and we're happy to have you as an Insider! Here are instructions on how to submit an idea:

  1. Go to www.edisonnation.com.
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. Submitting an idea to an innovation search:
    • On the Navigation bar at the top of the screen, click "Submit an Idea" - this will open a list of available searches to submit to.
    • Scroll down on the searches page and click "Learn More" on the search you’d like to submit to.
    • Click "Submit Your Idea"
    • Click the green button that says "Submit a New Idea".
  4. Submission Form:
    • In the first section, you are going to enter in all the information you have on your idea.
      • Title
      • Category of Product (choose the best fit for your idea)
      • Detailed Description .
      • What is innovative about your idea
      • Provide up to three potential competitors for your product - and tell how your product idea is different from those competitors
      • Check any boxes that apply (if you have drawings and prototypes, check those boxes)
      • Click "Save and Continue" (every time you complete a screen and click "Continue", your work will be saved on that screen).
    • In the second section, you will be able to attach media - this is where you would upload files if you have them available, if not, you can leave this blank and click "Save and Continue."
      • Click "Choose files" - a window will open and you can then select the file you scanned to attach it to the submission.
      • Click "Save and Continue".
    • In the third section, you are going to fill out information regarding your intellectual property.
      • If you have any patent applications filed for your product, enter those details here, if not, select "no" and these fields can remain blank.
      • Provide information on who the product was disclosed to if applicable.
      • Once you are finished with those answers, click "Save and Continue"
    • In the last section, you are going to be asked to fill out your payment information.
      • This is just like shopping online - fill in your name, billing address and credit card information.
      • Check the boxes indicating you are 18 or older and that you understand the terms of the innovator agreement.
      • You will then provide an electronic signature for your name - it will look like this: /first name last name/
      • Click "Submit"

You will know you will have successfully submitted your idea when you receive an email confirmation with the receipt for your submission fee.

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