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Patent number on product

ceseargiz4's Avatar

Just wondering when placing a patent number on the product and/or packaging do you include the "D" and "S" in a design patent? Would this example be the proper format? 

  U.S. Patent # D783,289 S

Thank you!

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smallprojects's Avatargold

It depends if it is a Design Patent or Utility Patent. 

A quick check of google or a walmart store if you are near one might provide more sufficient evidence. The example provided is likely to be correct. 

If you have a patent pending product or product with an issued patent and are manufacturing it and placing patent marks on the packaging or product itself you should probably consult professional legal counsel in matters as particular as this. 

(Patent Pending = Package marked as Patent Pending)

(Issued Patent = Mark with the Full Government Patent #)

Just my opinion, which means nothing on the internet. Best of luck to you!

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