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New Ideas that will sell

newcreatureaaron's Avatar

I honestly wish that there was someone who could help me. I have some awesome ideas that will sell and make me and that other someone lots of money.

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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Aaron and Welcome to Edison Nation!

We are certainly willing to review your ideas for potential commercialization opportunities!

To get started, all you need to do is click on "Submit an Idea" on the toolbar above and complete the submission form.

To learn more about our process and how we work with innovators before you submit an idea, I strongly recommend reviewing the information available on the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck to you!

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mysoon's Avatar

Welcome  Aaron  hope you find the help you need. Good luck with your  projects !

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jdowney9000's Avatargold

Hello Aaron,

Welcome to EN!

What you have written is a statement.

Do you have a question?

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lacodie's Avatar

Well. I have done my research and there is nothing on the market in my field. But does anyone know the basic cost involved in getting a design patent and/or a utility patent? There is two product that does part of what my design would do but they are not practical to the use and application it is used for. Is there members here looking to partner up with others to get a product to market. Maybe the investor type who has funding to push the right idea through?


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lacodie's Avatar

Well, any advice for a product that has World Wide possibilities. My product revolves around a beach. Do you know how many beaches there are around the world? How many people frequent these beaches during the peak of each of their season???

This product would be something that 75% use each and every time they go there and will bring realistically at least 20% of the remaining 25% that do not use now. Plus there are many companies that this product could be used to license their products or name for the advertisement. When it comes to inventing things I do not put my time and effort into anything that is not highly marketable and is a niche that has major financial opportunities. There are a couple of things out there that are a very poor product design in solving this problem Plus mine has many more positive things that make this invention user-friendly and desirable to the general public.

There is other areas that this design can also tap into that could be modified to allow attachments or accessories for them. That allows other revenue of cash flow coming in.

I'm new to this game but nowhere stupid or naive. I think I have an ideal product that it seems this partnership with edison might be my ticket to launching the first of several similar types of product ideas with high upside profits to be made.  

I'm letting it be known that I am not against and may be open to bringing in an investor or so call partner to share in the wealth. But, it will be on my terms! That would be fair but in no way would take advantage or gain controlling interest over me or my products.

Any help or advice that helps get this out there that is something useful and beneficial to getting this produced. Will be rewarded if it's something I'm not already researching myself.

So, I look forward to all those like me, who have a dream to make something that can make life a little bit better, efficient, useful, enjoyable and make money. That can give you, me and others a more fruitful type of life.

I look forward to becoming your friend and shares thoughts, comments and suggestions on the way to makes your dreams a REALITY!

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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Codie!

I will defer to others in the community on their experiences with legal fees.

If you are interested in submitting your idea to Edison Nation to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities, you are welcome to do so! Get started by clicking on "Submit an Idea" in the navigation bar above.

To learn more about our process before you submit your idea (which I always highly recommend), check out the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck to you!

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chappy75's Avatar

There are about 620,000 kilometers (372,000 miles) of coastline. Over one-third of the total human population, nearly 2.4 billion people, lives within 100 km (60 miles) of an oceanic coast, a fact emphasized by the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004.

Thom C
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crystaldiane's Avatar

I am not hear to burst your bubble, but in my experience as an inventor of several items, and to date, with just one product I have so far taken from the back of a napkin to current market where I am selling it and making some early revenue - the only reason someone will give you money for YOUR idea is if its more economical for them to compensate you for your work already done, than it is for them to start from scratch.  Few people 'pay' for just an idea, in fact, I don't think I have ever seen that done.

If you have no money - no problem, look at resources like Fiverr to get your product rendered at least out of your head onto a piece of paper.

I wish someone had told me this hard truth long ago - before I spent a pile on the backend infrastructure (like patent attorneys, protypes, provisional patents, etc.) 
There is no shortage of good ideas - there is a serious shortage of proper execution and this includes navigating all of the risks of running a real business.

I encourage you to educate yourself on how business works first.  People that might give you money for your product or idea, especially if they are taking most of the risk to productize it are going to expect a very good financial return. I think I read recently that few people will even look at a product if it has less than 1 million dollars a year PROFIT potential though that may not be true.  Consider all the risks that they have to bear before you go in, up front, arrogant with your terms (If someone said to me I am going to tell them what id walk the other way fast.....  Look at the big picture - for instance, if your product accidently harms someone who is going to cover that?  Etc. 

Now I simply try to prove concept FIRST.  Plenty of products are sold successfully without patents as well - having a patent does NOT mean you will make money. In fact, many patents lay expired or not possible to monetize for all kinds of reasons, including practicality. People buy PRODUCTS not Patents....

If you truly believe your idea has merit, no one will give you more attention to it than you will UP FRONT.  If your idea actually has merit (as I am finding now) people will start coming to you with offers.

Its cheap to prove concept - go get orders or preorders.  This is what the inventor of the Spatty and Spatty Daddy did  - this is also what Tesla does - by this I do not mean take peoples money and promise a future - NO NO NO, that I am sure is stealing and probably very illegal, but use the models of companies that are doing preorders legally and successfully, and get your customers commitment to BUY what you have in the form of a written purchase order (check out the legal side of this IF you cannot fulfill it - first. do not break the law or need I say this?...  This will give you leverage.  Hope that makes sense.

Mark Bartlett
Jimmy's Band
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crystaldiane's Avatar

Hi Roger,

How much could I have saved  - at least $10 - 20K and that is not counting my time LOST in pursuing other opportunities, heartbreak, hurt, and gosh knows what else. 

What have I learned - Humility.  I bought into the 'its easy' hype of the invention marketing predetors, and I did not self educate myself in order to ferret out the truth from the lies.  I was na├»ve - and got caught by my own ego and dreams. 

I have learned to keep working at my idea until I can explain its benefits clearly to ANYONE in 30 seconds or less and I have learned to put a STOP date on my ideas and forgive myself for letting them go.

I have learned to be very clear about my objectives and what it is that I am trying to accomplish.  I have learned to Test the waters and to stop worrying about people 'copying' my ideas and ripping me off. I have learned most people are so vested in their own ideas that they don't want to bother with yours even if they think you have a good idea.  And that even less people have the interest or ability to bring your idea to fruition - that said, pick and choose your associates wisely.

I have learned to LISTEN to credible advice from others that have done what I am trying to do. I have learned to seek out mentors and become a good student.

I have learned hard way that your only real concern, especially so early, should NOT be Patents, Attorneys, and processes.  I have learned not to cut myself excuses like Geeze I don't know how - (that's what the Library is for!) or Geeze I have no money... for all of my prototypes I went out and EARNED additional money so as to not upset my family budget to pursue my dreams. While I could have spent that money on other things it was MY choice to do this. I did not BURDEN others with my unfilled dreams and I have accepted the responsibility for the outcome of my projects.

What have I learned?  PROVE CONCEPT As fast and economically as possible. For me that meant to make some handmade samples of my latest product and sell them.

And now after a lifetime of hits and misses, that I actually have ONE product that is getting some attention, I have learned to be grateful for all the pain to get me to this point.  Because I have also learned that nothing good in life is not worth working for.

And that NO ONE will pay more attention to your business than you - that goes across all of life. 

Yes, I wish someone would have shared this with me long ago, but I have also learned that everyone opens their minds at the right time for them - its quite possible was not ready to learn this until lately.  Best Roger.  Keep inventing!  

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crystaldiane's Avatar

Hi Roger, thank you. This is a kind comment. I have been working hard at opening my mind to learning new things and embracing new thoughts.  I also spent some time on myself, and went through a seminar last August to help me clarify some of my personal goals. This was most helpful - have a great day and thanks for your help!

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crystaldiane's Avatar

Hi Roger I started my first invention when I was 19 years old  I invented at that time a product ahead of its time  a personal towel warmer that fit in a bathroom  I went through the entire process  to prototype  to learn the hard reality  that  most companies had  policies against independent inventors submitting  basically I ran out of money  over the years  I have  tried a few things  spend some more money  and made all the classic mistakes everybody has made  all in all it probably adds up to close to 20,000  I am almost 60 years old  and I am happy to say I may finally have one invention  that has enough teeth  to go to the next step  I have started and stopped  tried and quit numerous times  but for some reason I keep coming back  to try it again .  It was an expensive cost of Education  but if I can put this to work and help other people  that would be awesome  it would also be really awesome if my little product that I'm currently working on  which really does help a lot of people  reached its full potential  anyway thank you for your kind comments  for anybody out there on the fence  do yourself a favor and invest in Rogers book  it's worth every dime !

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