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My invention idea

jonas's Avatar


I'm new here. I have a new idea for what I belive to be a very useful product to have in every household.

Problem is that Im not a scientist or engineer.

How do go about actually going forward with funding / developing this product.

Please help me with this.

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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Jonas and welcome to Edison Nation!

If you're interested in sharing your idea with Edison Nation to have it evaluated for potential licensing opportunities you're welcome to submit it to one of our innovation searches.

To learn more about our process and our secure online submission process, please visit the Edison Nation Help Page before submitting your idea.

Best of luck to you!

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jdowney9000's Avatar


Look at a coupon. Scatch out the fine print. Then ask yourself what your first impression is.

What does the coupon tell you?

What parts of the product does the coupon highlight?

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crystaldiane's Avatar

Hi Jonas welcome to Edison Nation I'm another inventor .  There are a lot of really good materials out there  I would suggest you look into getting a copy of Roger Browns ebook common sense inventing ... that small investment will get you on the right path. in addition to that you might check out the USPTO website for the basics of patent so you understand intellectual property rights better and are taking the right steps to protect your idea if needed.  I think as another inventor who is busy marketing my first generation product on my own I would recommend you think very carefully about how you're going to go about selling this even if  a company like Edison Nation picks up here idea they are going to look at the same things and want answers to these questions.  Ask yourself what does your product Do and why would people part with thier money to buy it? take a little time and think those things through for yourself first and then decide if you want to take any next steps  there are plenty of really good ideas  but it all comes down to execution  and most times it's the inventor that gets things started  best you  CD

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