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Engineering Product

zundah's Avatar

Hi everyone,

I have a product idea that relates to automotive (torque converters) but I'm not sure if Edison Nation considers such an engineering product. I love inventing but the process of preparing materials and finding a company to license the product to dries the blood in me.  

I can't find a category for submitting a product like mine. I can't help but wish Edison Nation is open to real engineering products. 

Any idea if products other than the ones specified in the "all category search" have ever been considered? 

Just like professionals work with me to bring my product to market.

Thanks all.


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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Jacob!

The All Category Search is just that, for all categories. Edison Nation does not develop or engineer products, but we can review products for potential commercialization potential.

We do mainly work with consumer product solutions, but are open to all types of ideas within this search.

Best of luck to you!

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