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help with my invention

eensnsn's Avatar

I have created a  usb stick jack that will enable a broken usb to be able to get used again.

When ever a usb is broken  some times its plug is only broken but the data is saved that we discard along with the usb with my jack 

all broken usbs will be back in action.

Thing is I need to know how I get it manufactured from some good company and get monitory return for it.


I need all the help that I can get from here..

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magurn's Avatar

Good morning eensnsn and Welcome to Edison Nation!

I cannot speak for manufacturing, but if you are interested in submitting your idea to Edison Nation to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities, you are welcome to do so by clicking on "Submit an Idea" above.

Please take note, all materials posted within these forums is considered public disclosure, so ensure that anything you post is protected.

Best of luck!

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