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How Can You Get A Company's Info?

citizen's Avatar

Just curious if anyone has a good FREE resource to use when looking at a company to license to.

Looking for things like how many and what stores they sell in (distribution).

Also any other information that would help determine which company would be a better option as far as licensing…assuming they all are offering the same deal.

I currently have a new product that has a few interested companies I’m just starting to talk to. Although it hasn’t come to that point, I want to make the best decision when the time comes as to who to go with. I’m going to trust my gut, but would like to compare apples to apples when it comes to the companies.

I guess it’s a good place to be, but still an important decision.



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kdc's Avatar

Would Dun & Bradstreet have the information you’re looking for? I used to use their listings all the time when I was doing collections. They provided a lot of information on companies…the size, owner, any bankruptices, how much money the company made, how many employees, etc.

Opps…but, that’s not a freebie. But, I’ll check some of my sites I use and see if I have one that would help you out.

You can private message me if you want and I will check with the sources I have and will share those with you. You can get any info for free, it’s all out there, you just have to know where and how to find it…which is what I do…

Elizabeth Crouch
Jason Garcia
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