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ok...so I had a design for a kitchen tool that was G5 or G6 two months ago that I pulled because I had interest from an ASOTV company and didn't want to be tied into anything if it made it to G7 (where EN has a lock on it for a specific amount of time).  

During negotiations with the ASOTV company we came to a roadblock and something I wasn't willing to agree upon.  So I resubmitted it to EN and it's currently a R4.

How does an idea that was close to becoming G7 fail at a R4?  

Any clue?

Back to searching for a licensee.

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chappy75's Avatar

Ummm... they didn't want it is my best guess. Have no idea... thought you deserved a response though.

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Did they give you feedback on it? I'm not asking for the details, just wondered. Was the first submission for a specific company's search? If it was, and that search has ended, they may not have another company in an open search now, that would be a fit. Just a few thoughts.

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Maybe a similar product came around since your first submission?  I dunno, but I had a similar experience with one of mine... sat at G6 for 6 months or more, then got Red X. Resubmitted later on, and got R4.  Said it was similar to something.  Maybe I'll try it again sometime just for grins.

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What I think is the surprising part is that it past to stage G6 before.  Makes me wonder if the screening for the stages are subject to individuals reviewing them.  

Doesn't matter at this point, I've gotten lots of NO's and have turned them into YES's outside of EN.  This one just stung for some reason.

Will use it for motivation and a learning experience, just doesn't make sense, but oh well.

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awildx's Avatar

If you can share, what was the roadblock you had encountered?

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Adam...the company had offered to make a prototype, but then added some stipulations and were VERY vague about what would be finalized after the prototype was made and research and testing done.

Essentially I would've been signing a deal where I would receive no royalties till ALL expenses occurred developing and marketing the product.  It also didn't lock in the royalty rate, but left it open for future discussion.  could have easily been painted in a corner.

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