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alexislwaite's Avatar

I have been wondering for years if there was some program out there that took average people and made their inventions come to life and this morning I came across the program Everyday Edison.  I have a few inventions that I have had in my head for years but it seems the tv show is no longer on air, can anybody confirm or deny that for me please?

I am a single mom of two kids and I work close to 80 hours a week so trying to make my ideas and inventions come to life has been most challenging.  I need help on what to do, I need to get these ideas and inventions out there because I know with 100% certainty onoe of my ideas will be a big help to countless numbers of individuals.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Alexis and Welcome to Edison Nation!

While Everyday Edisons is not currently in production, we are planning to announce some very exciting news on the television front in upcoming weeks. Stay Tuned!

That being said, you do not need to wait for a TV opportunity to submit ideas to us.

You are always welcome to submit your ideas to us via our online submission system for evaluation. If you haven't already done so, a great place to get started is to review our Edison Nation Help Page to learn about our process, submitting an idea, etc.

These forums are also a great resource!

Best of luck to you!

Mark Bartlett
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williamj's Avatargold

Hi Alexis and Welcome to EdisonNation and the EdisonNation Forums !!!

I haven't seen Everyday Edisons on TV for quite some time now. I don't know if it's going to come back or not but I'm sure Michelle can get the scoop on it for us all.

My mom raised five of us on her own so I know how difficult it is for you (a tip o' my hat to you).

As far as getting your ideas 'out there' you might want to study up on EdisonNation (and I do recommend EdisonNation). Most of us here, for one reason or another, feel that we would have a most difficult time of getting 'our ideas 'out there' on our own, that's why we're members here. I would suggest that you read everything you can on and about EdisonNation and decide if it's right for you or not.

As you read you'll soon discover that simply inventing something and getting a patent isn't all there is to "successful" inventing. Should you decide to actively join our ranks, I suggest that you continue to read, read, read and truly try to comprehend the process here. Once you have an understanding and become an active member, then comes the time for patience, patience and more patience. As you become familiar with everything here you'll truly grasp how important reading and patience is.

Whatever you decide... Best of Luck !!!

(whoops... Michelle replied as I was typing my reply. Dern yer quick Michelle !!!)  LoL

Mark Bartlett
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