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Innovation in the auto industry

mrscollar's Avatargold

Hello everyone!

I am hoping one of you seasoned inventors can point me in the right direction. I have an idea for the auto industry and I don’t know where to turn. It doesn’t seem appropriate for any active searches here at EN, and I don’t even know how to design or test my idea. I could call on our own John Vilardi to work his magic however, where would I go to show/explain my idea? I’ve only been a member since February, so perhaps I’ve missed an appropriate search? Any guidance would be much appreciated! That means you Frank! :o)

Happy Halloween!!


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ipowereverywhere's Avatargold

First anything would be a full patent search because auto industry patents every move they make. Utility and design.. just my two cents

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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Your course of action depends on if your invention is a factory installed product (OEM – original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket product. If it is OEM my guess is that EN would not be able to do much with it because EN deals with consumer products sold in retail, and probably doesn’t have established relationships in the auto industry.

If it is after market, then you have a better shot through EN. A while back, EN ran a Live Product Search for PepBoys for example.

See this link: http://www.edisonnation.com/live_product_search...

If it is aftermarket (ie Pep Boys, Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, O’reilly’s, etc) then I would submit it to a lunch hour search and perhaps offer a suggestion ,through your submission, that EN attempt to leverage any relationships they were able to establish with Pep Boys.

I once submitted an auto industry invention to EN for the Daymond John, and Lunch Hour (twice) searches. I knew it was a long shot and it received an R4 all 3 times. EN thought it would be too expensive and too complex to develop. I’m not convinced of that, but I have tabled it as far as EN goes.

Hope this helps.

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vonhuber's Avataree_badge

There is a big trade show called AAPEX & SEMA in Las Vegas starting 11/5. I attend every year and have licensed numerous products to companies met there.

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vonhuber's Avataree_badge

I belive the show is free…it might be $50 since it is last minute. Now travel, hotel, etc. may be costly.

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dljinnovations's Avatargold


It looks like you have gotten some pretty good advice from some seasoned inventors who have already done what you are trying to do. I hope you meet with success. Best wishes.

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