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Concept idea drawing to finished product

sunto's Avatar

I find it so interesting to see how a product evolves just like the EN home page Gyro Bowl 

I have been asked to help develop a new product and the drawing I was given are so rough sketched it's going to be interesting downloading the information from his head for me to build his idea . 

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jdowney9000's Avatar

Ask them what materials they would like to build the pieces out of.

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countofmontecristo's Avatar

HI David-

Document, document, document.  Make sure you have a solid, written agreement in place covering ownership, duties and liabilities of ALL parties involved. Something that artists/inventors sometimes overlook as well.

James Chapman
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sunto's Avatar

Hi guys I am not looking for financial gain at all so I do not see a problem I have integrity and I have no interest in other people's ideas . I am just helping a fellow Yorkshire man make something happen.

Thanks for your concern.


James Chapman
colleen Noonan
Ralph Machesky
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