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I'm Alex, I am new, just joining today and I look forward to sharing. It's good to be here and I'm glad to meet everyone. I would like to license comfort item concepts, I like the idea of contributing in this area since many benefit from more efficient night's rest. I would welcome any suggestions.

Karen C Adams
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Hi Alexander and welcome to Edison Nation!

To get started, I always recommend checking out the information found on the Edison Nation Help Page. Then, check out our searches to see where your ideas may fit.

Best of luck!

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kevin_johnson's Avatar

Learn to do a methodical search on the ideas that you have.

When I was in technical sales I called on hundreds of companies across the Western United States.  Everything from Mom and Pop to multi-national firms.  Often it was awkward when people would take a chance and trust you with an idea that they had and you had the choice of saying nothing or breaking it to them gently that their idea was already common albeit perhaps specialized knowledge.

One frequent example at the time was the oil derived from citrus skin that could be used as a cleaning solvent.  Some people were not aware that I could supply them with a container load of drums if they needed it and I had courtesy formularies for people needing a basic cleaning product using it.

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