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Michelle Sartori

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What happen to Gregg Myracle? has he left the EN forums after being a member for so many years?

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Hi Joseph! 

Greg is still around, I think he posted a week or so ago. He has been doing a bunch of work on his own and I believe he just had a product licensed and released. If you search him using the search bar at the top of the screen, he is "Greg M."

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Hey Joseph

Nice to see you again my friend

The thoughts are he transported with the others.

How cool hah?

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Hey Charlie and Joseph!  Hope all is well with you 2.  And Michelle, of course!

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Yes of course, indeed Miss April, If I may edit

While we are on the (Michelle Sartori thread)

"If asked, I would give my recommendation for this Lassie."

She helped me get my rights back from my EE experience. Everything I asked for, within her powers, she was there and now. 

Thank you Michelle, You are a blessing for me, and wish the best for you, Joe, and Ava

Thank you  enventy's  for their imagination, as well as quick responses to all my questions.

 Edison Nation are they trustworthy ? From my eye yes.

Aloha Charlie

Karen C Adams
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magurn's Avatar

Thank you so much for your kind words Charlie! As you know, we wish you the absolute best and we are happy to help! 

All my "alohas" to all and have a fabulous weekend!

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kimmyk's Avatargold

That's wonderful Charlie!

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