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New Inventor's Show Starting Tonight!

kdc's Avatargold

September 1, 2017

American Made Inventors

Episode: Born In USA



S01, E01

Inventors pitch their ideas, including a shoe insole, an ice-fishing tool, and a car-catching device meant to end high-speed pursuits.

Discovery Channel

Paul Ortega
Thom C
Robert Pontius
Karen C Adams
Vee R___
Andrea Peronne
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zeno's Avatar

Thank you Kathleen, I'm always looking for new invention shows besides Shark Tank.  

It shows you how much America is loving new inventions! Never stop thinking outside the box.

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thom33's Avatargold

Always good to see inventors and their dreams.

But not to be too negative, i thought they focused way too much on the host guy and would like to have heard more from the inventors. From an entertainment standpoint ( and that's what reality tv is) i thought it was slow and not well edited.

But good for these guys getting exposer!

I will keep watching and support fellow inventors!

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Sorry I missed it!  Houston TV was "all Harvey all the time" for about 10 days, so I totally lost any concept of the outside world.  I hope I didn't miss anything too important!  lol

This looks like an interesting show.  Will it be on weekly? 

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