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'Twas the Night Before Christmas.... Revised Edition!!!

speedbump's Avatar

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all thru Edison Nation,
Not an inventor was stirring, they’d all left their stations,
The submissions were entered on the computer with care,
In hopes that Matt Spangard soon would be there,
The serial submitter’s were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Green eights danced in their heads
And Betsy with her “Eggies” and Frank with his “Mid Air”
Had just settled their brains as if they had not a care,
When up on my email there rose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see if it might matter,
Away to my computer I flew to the screen,
Opened up the message, I so hoped to see green,
The light of the monitor gave off a radiant glow,
It provided a luster of mid-day to my secret book of ideas below,
When I clicked on the forums , what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But the video announcement of eight new licensing deals,
The man in the panthers hat announced “what great news I’ve got”,
So I knew at that moment it had to be Scott,
More rapid that eagles, the licensing deals they came,
and he listed them in no particular order and called the people by name,
Now William, now Kathleen, now Kim and Larry,
add Kara, Carlos, Rachel and Harry
To the tarmac at the airport for the presentation we’ll go,
Now calm down… calm down… calm down all for you all know!!
As dry erasers before the presentation do fly,
We’ll meet every obstacle and then take to the sky,
he said it’s off to the big city for our fantastic crew,
With a briefcase of presentations and Rich Holmes too,
And then in an twinkling, I heard from the Nation,
The rustling of paper of each for each presentation,
As I drew my next submission, and was turning around,
In through my door Roger Brown came with a bound,
He was dressed all in denim, from his head to his ankle,
But from sleeping in the car his clothes were somewhat wrinkled,
A bundle of prototypes he had flung on his back,
He looked like a street preacher just carrying a sack,
His eyes looked kind of sleepy, but his dimples were still merry,
His aftershave smelled like roses, he said I can’t tarry,
His lists of invention terms he had printed up just for me,
the start of a white beard was easy to see
My prototype he held tight in his hand,
thoughts of fame poured from my head like fine sand,
He had a calming voice, and a laugh that came up from his belly
So when he laughed his whole body would shake like a bowl full of jelly,
He was easy to talk to, a great mentor it seemed,
I couldn’t believe it… this was just as I dreamed,
In a wink of the eye, he opened his folder,
He said this should help you as you grow older,
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
He fill’d all the agreements; then turned with a jerk,
And laying out a pen for me to sign when I chose,
I was finished signing, the deal came to a close
Then he ran to his rental, to the Edison team sent a text,
And away he did go, he said Greg will be next,
But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight-
Happy Inventing to all, and to all a good night!!

Elizabeth Crouch
Michelle Sartori
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051263's Avataree_badge

: D
Archie you clearly have a skill and a gift. You should be able to sleep soundly tonight after releasing all that creative energy. Merry Christmas.

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kdc's Avatar

That was great….may your visions become a reality!

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juicebox's Avatar

Great poem, but you mighty add this verse in there somewhere:

When Archie heard a noise and into the living room he ran,
to find Santa wearing oakleys getting a Christmas lights tan
Then Frank came down the chimney with a bonk and a crash
Followed by eight little pieces of his frozen mustache
He brushed himself off with his jet-pack on tight
He’d been flying around chasing Santa’s sled all night
Santa’s forehead was rosey and his tummy was fattened
And he shouted with glee when Frank handed him a patent
It was the best Christmas ever the North Pole reports
For Santa’s new toys were now protected by the courts

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obi1adobe's Avatarg8_badge

archie – excellent work !

new avatar dude. i have to assume that is you on the right. you are certainly older than the young man on the left in yellow.


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kwilk's Avatar

Great job Archie, Fun Holiday spirited read!! Enjoyed it!

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speedbump's Avatar

Thanks all… I was going to work something up a little closer to Christmas but the freezing rain…. sleet and snow made yesterday a good day to doodle. Still snowing hard here!

Larry …yep that’s me and the grandson taken about 10 years ago OK… I lied again… actually that is my grandson but that’s not me I’m a little taller…. lol

Good one Rick!!! Looks like the race is on for patenting getting a Christmas tan!!

Excellent idea Frank…. this would be a good place for those limericks! <:-)

Kathleen….. It’s still snowing hard… I think I’ll take my shoes off and go outside… lol

Merry Christmas all!!!!

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ipowereverywhere's Avatar

that one post has more creative writing that I have been able to create in my entire life… it rhymed and made sense, lol… great fun

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kdc's Avatar

Archie…it’s not fair that you get all the good weather! I keep hearing promises that we are going to get a big snow storm…it’s been over two weeks now and they are still promising it. I guess if they keep saying it, then sooner or later they will get it right. Just had a little dusting of snow on the car this morning. One sneeze and it was all gone. I haven’t even had the chance to try out my new gloves and snow scraper! So, I guess you’ll have to kick off your shoes and go out and do a little snow dance for me! I’m jealous of your snowman!

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williamj's Avatargold


FRANK, you’ve been looking over my shoulder haven’t you ?!?!?!?!

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kdc's Avatar

LOL…you guys are NUTS!!!

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speedbump's Avatar

and Frank said…………… Thank ya, thank ya very much

Here you go Elvis………….er I mean Frank………………….


Kathleen……. I was lucky…… I got to try out my scraper, Gloves, snow shovel, broom, winter coat, Boots etc… good ole mother nature was an over achiever this time and I think she’s gonna visit again Sunday…:(

I decided against the barefoot attempt since it would have been up to my knees in places I was afraid of hypothermia… lol It is very pretty though!!

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speedbump's Avatar

Shameless bump from last year …..

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kdc's Avatar

No shame! It’s still fun to read…and for the newbies who didn’t see this before. This should be made into a Christmas video.

Oh…and about your snow last year….still the same. They promised us a White Christmas for the past week. They said we will get rain on Tuesday, changing to snow on Wednesday for a White Christmas on Thursday. What do we get? Today, Wednesday there is no snow and it’s a stinkin’ 58 degrees! WHERE IS MY SNOW??? I WANT MY SNOW AS PROMISED!!!!!

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mger80's Avatarg8_badge

Love it, Kathleen!

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jdowney9000's Avatar

late bump

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Somehow I missed seeing this before - how fun!  Three great versions of a classic story. Happy New Year!

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chappy75's Avatar

That is Awesome Archie!

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chappy75's Avatar


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speedbump's Avatar

I'd forgot about this .... Thanks for the bump Jacob!

Jacob Downey
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speedbump's Avatar

Guess What Day it is ....

Mike .... Mike ..... Mike ...

guess what day it is............

Jacob Downey
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jdowney9000's Avatar

Always a good read Archie; thanks for bringing it back!

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betzy's Avatarg8_badge


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