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Announcing another Innovation Fund Selection: Congratulations Jason Watson!

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The hits keep on coming for our Innovation Fund!

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Jason Watson’s idea has been selected from our Pet Innovation Fund Live Product Search!

Jason’s idea will now move on to the Concept Research Phase, our first stage gate after selection for the Fund.

I’m going to cut/paste the description of the Concept Research Phase from an earlier announcement so everybody knows what the next steps will be in commercializing Jason’s idea:

Historically, just about every product ever created on this planet has gone through a series of stage gates, passing each one on its way to a store shelf. And yes, it’s possible that a product may fail to pass from one stage to the next but reaching this level means that it’s on the fast-track to our development process and that we’ll be putting all of our resources behind it to do everything we can to make it a success.

Don’t let the name “Concept Research” fool you – this is a very active phase where we’ll not only be analyzing the market and getting inside the heads of the end-users, but we’ll also be re-imagining his product and its applications once we have all of the research under our belts.

Jason is in for quite a ride! Congratulations Jason!

To read more about Jason’s story, check out our blog:

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betsykaufman's Avatarg8_badge

Congratulation’s Jason! Get ready for the time of your life!!!

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penster's Avatar

Congratulations Jason! What a great story and purpose!

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toni's Avatarg8_badge

Congrats Jason!!! Love the pic with your two pups; they are beautiful.

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kabuj's Avataree_badge

Congrats Jason!!! You too will now get to experience the efforts of EN (the real “Dream Team”).

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hctong2's Avatar

Congratulations Jason!! I can’t wait to see the product!

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brainstream's Avatargold

Awesome, Jason! Congratulations.

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starzlove83's Avatar

Congrats Jason, sit back and drink some bubbly! LOL!

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bulldog's Avatarg8_badge

Congratulations Jason, look forward to buying your product!

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kiskom's Avataree_badge

Congratulations Jason! Can’t wait to see your product!

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inventormom's Avatargold

OMG …. Congratulations Jason … what a way go !!!! We will all be watching waiting and cheering you along the way !!!

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dlovley's Avatargold

Great news Jason, I hope it takes the world by storm! Congrats!

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wherritt's Avatarg8_badge

Congratulations Jason… that is good news indeed.

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mger80's Avatarg8_badge

Congratulations, Jason!

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sylgitsu's Avatar

Congrats Jason…..Enjoy:))))))))))

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benco's Avatar

That’s awesome! Congratulations Jason!!!

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crystalprincess's Avatar

That’s fantastic! Congratulations :)

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tamazi's Avatar

Congratulations Jason!

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aausti's Avatar

Congratulations Jason, I hope it’s something I can use to make life easier with my monster of a dog Mojo!

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nycstrongest's Avatar

Congratulations and Good luck, Jason.

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igloo's Avatarg8_badge

Congrats Jason. Much luck and success with your idea!!!!

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adityaa0's Avatar

congratulation prepare for best opportunity.

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inventormom's Avatargold

Jason congratulations again … BTW awesome website and products !! Love the collars !!

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callmee's Avatar

Congratulations, Jason!!!!!! We are all rooting for you, and look forward to following in your foot…er…“paw” steps :)

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mariehegeman's Avatar

Wonderful news! Go go go, Jason!!!!!

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iztekk's Avatar


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billward11's Avatarg8_badge

Jason, Congrats and hope to see your creation in the stores in the future!

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wesley33's Avatar

thumps up!

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carter's Avatar


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deannap12's Avatar

Good Job!!

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