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Cube - Pet products

greyghost1863's Avatar

Hi! I am new but have a handful of inventions that hit the pet category. I am not sure how this works.

Products include freezable dog bowl with water replenishment from dripping ice.

Game Day Tent with first ever water based heating or cooling. By your design replaceable graphics.

56volt portable heater using traditional conductive coil with a water chamber for stored energy. At 100 degrees would last 6 or more hours. 

Like I said I am new. And what in the world is a 8g or g8?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Michael!

Most importantly, we always caution innovators from sharing any details about innovations in these forums as it is public disclosure.

We don't currently have any active pet searches specifically, but you're always welcome to submit your ideas to our All Category Search to have the ideas reviewed.

As you are new, I would suggest checking out the Edison Nation Help Page to learn more about our process and our standard terms and conditions before submitting.

We wish you the best of luck!

Karen C Adams
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nitin's Avatar

Its true that its a first to file world but i dont think tesla would agree things were any better in the old days and the G8 is from having  a submission go up to or passed the 8th stage or something  like that

Good luck with your ideas

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