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Question about a product idea

ildiphx's Avatar


I am new to inventing products, but I have an idea and I would like to know if it's marketable/patentable. This product idea would be an addition to an already existing product. I am not sure if it is possible to market/sell product that is associated with a specific brand/product. To give you a better picture about what I am trying to ask, I made up this example:

Let's say there is a company that makes plastic containers with unique sizes and shapes. The lid that they use for these products is different from any other brands. Let's say my idea is to make lids for containers with an opening in the middle and this lid fits all the brands out there except for the one with the unique shapes. Could I produce lids for this specific brand as well? Could it be advertised as an accessory to this unique container? 

Thanks so much! :-)

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phonepaal's Avatargold

I have no pro knowledge on this answer, but I liken this to mobile phone accessories.  There are lots of accessories (cases) that fit only a specific phone, or even multiple phones.  The manufactures of these phones don't say, "hey, stop selling these things that fit our iPhone / Samsung."

Tim S.
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magurn's Avatar

Hi Tim!

From Edison Nation's perspective, we cannot advise on the viability of any ideas unless they are submitted into our system. 

You're welcome to share the idea to any one of our innovation searches that may be a fit.

Best of luck!

Tim S.
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ildiphx's Avatar

That's a good point, Rex!! :-) I am thinking about submitting this idea to one of the product searches but I wanted to clear this out so I do not waste my time if it's not doable.:-)

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