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Hey guys!

Just a reminder, our All Category Search is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to submit your ideas.

Have a great idea to help those in need following the recent storms? 

Have an update for an older product that gives it new and improved functionality? 

Or, do you just have an idea that doesn't fit any of our active searches?

Share your idea to the All Category Search!

Suzann Knudsen
Robert Pontius
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taterdog1's Avatar

Thank You for the reminder!

Suzann Knudsen
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suzannk's Avatar

What a great reminder!  I grew up in the Caribbean and I know my family is always on the lookout for ways to increase their survival chances in any storm, regardless of the strength. As we've seen with Irma and Harvey, there's no distinction between a small island or some of the largest US states.

Areas that they keep an ear out for year after year include:

  • better storm shutters - not just stronger, but easier to install, and easier to open, close and secure.
  • better ways to strengthen buildings - joists, rooflines, foundations, drainage
  • flood prevention - better sandbag ideas, or ways to help curb storm surge waters, especially at sea-level
  • improved wind resistance - anything that can help things withstand high winds, especially antennas, roof designs, rain gutters, etc.
  • keeping important documents safe and dry - is there a way to make these more portable while keeping them waterproof, ways to trace them if the wind has tossed them hither and yon
  • emergency kits - portable and useful kits, that don't feel outdated.
  • solar-powered items - even with the power out, ways to keep things going, especially cell phones, radios and the internet 
  • family safety - giving separated family members a way to find each other
  • pet protection - so many pets are displaced or separated from their owners during major disasters, getting them back home quickly helps ease minds

How great would it be if someone saw a way in the aftermath of these storms to help protect people iun the furure!

Mark Bartlett
Michelle Sartori
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