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Categories » Manufacturing

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Rubber that hardens when heated and softened when cold
8 376 by Michael Heagerty
FInding a company to make your product and estimate its per unit cost
4 276 by Roger Brown
3 300 by SYAB
Many ideas
4 437 by Michael Borski
Can you fight a utility patent on a technology that has been around for years?
5 261 by Gizmo
Did anyone become successful
2 384 by Roger Brown
Not sure.
2 204 by Michelle Sartori
Tritan Manufacturer
3 286 by Rafael Avila
QC testing your shipment from Asia (a presentation, 58 min.)
0 120 by Steve
Product Manufacturing
1 196 by Roger Brown
Why is the Chinese manufacturer on Alibaba asking me about the purpose of my product? Do I need to disclose?
20 642 by Steve
Pet Supplies
11 515 by Roger Brown
New to EN...Looking for insight in how to work with a Manufacturer who has Licensing with Professional Sports Teams
1 148 by Michelle Sartori
Carry on Cap Bicep Holster
1 184 by Michelle Sartori
Seeking a Licensing Agent or Partner for new Pool Product
2 412 by Adam Adams
New here! ...I Have a Prototype (and working with lawyer on patent)...NOW WHAT?
2 242 by Michael Heagerty
I have a utility patent, and now have some questions
2 220 by Leo Gauthier III
Waiting for my ship to come in...
406 9565 by Kim L
New product idea
14 853 by Tim Kirchner
bio-degradable rubber molding
3 338 by Ami Shapiro
Creating Products combining other products
3 321 by Kim L
Over 40% Of Chinese Goods Sold Online Are Counterfeit...take heed
5 357 by Kim L
Handled Wine Corker
2 438 by Carl Ganio
passed IP review
14 802 by marlene gainey
How it's Made
12 754 by Archie .
Get my Invention to market
3 637 by Michael Heagerty
Manufacturing DIY kits
0 490 by Jeremy Bell
Good explanation about the costs of plastics...
11 714 by Kenneth Parsons
5 764 by Archie .
Reputable Manufacturing
2 500 by Sarah Denn
Manufacturer quality control
1 449 by williamj .
New to forums + manufacturing question
7 655 by Jonathan Carnahan
Plastic Injection Molding
14 3420 by Sam Peacock
MSDS Authoring
1 562 by Frank White
Who is the real judge
8 954 by Ricardo Agard
Plastic Manufacturing or Injection Molding
1 1326 by Frank White
Hello, Here to help and learn!
13 943 by Stephanie Beck
New line of clothing
3 724 by Laura Anderson
how to get a product licensed.
4 987 by brian mcloughlin
Oral health invention licensing
0 564 by Thomas Hautaniemi
(URGENT!!!!) Mass Manufacturing Quote Needed!!!!!!
7 2104 by Richard Yost
any ideals of what to do with a r7 guitar case design?
7 1048 by Peter W
Finding the Right Manufacturer/Distributor
9 1043 by Archie .
China steal from you?
30 3627 by Norma Haygood
Anybody here familiar with sourcing high density foam panels?
5 1432 by greg bruce
If I'm going to start with small internet market how many units should I have ready to ship??
6 969 by Laura Moon
Electro-mechanical Breakthrough
3 983 by Tammy Turner
Pillow manufacturing
8 6481 by Steven J. Frey
Help in China
11 1173 by David B.
Plush/Stuffed Toy Manufacturer
7 2164 by Susan Van V.

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