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Rubber that hardens when heated and softened when cold

missyminxx's Avatar

I am wondering if there is a rubber or substance that if holding hot water will harden then soften once its cold? Repeatedly. Will something like this have a shelf life if it did exist? 

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vitaminguy's Avatargold

Sounds difficult to achieve as a material.  But I have an invention in my notes that achieves a similar effect mechanically. 

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petra's Avatar

the only substance I know that hardens with heat is an egg.

My major is not in psychics, but I guess the solution should be there. 

Good luck

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kabuj's Avataree_badge

The problem is most rubbers and polymers do the opposite after cured. They harden when cold and soften when heated (to whatever extent).

that's a hard one.

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chappy75's Avatargold

If it is friction based heat then I can see a prophylactic application for it.... That and a blue pill might get a guy arrested for assault!

Charlie Lumsden
Rafael Avila
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inovate's Avataree_badge

Chappy stop pushing your blue pills lol


I been researching stretchy materials for a project of mine.

They have some new lab made hydro gels that stretch like crazy, not sure if any of those would do what you want. Good luck

James Chapman
Rafael Avila
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vitaminguy's Avatargold


check out this material. http://newatlas.com/super-gel-temperature-response...

good luck,


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kimmyk's Avatargold

You might look into SATOP for assistance.  I have no idea what their requirements are for getting accepted.  Good luck!

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ring-go's Avatargold

Hi Aurora, not exactly what you are looking for, but I just came across a product called "Sugru" It is a moldable rubber compound that holds it's rubbery shape after 24 hours...

Just thought I'd share as it appears to be an awesome resource for prototypes! : )

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