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Joining an Inventors' Group

sillysue's Avatar

I’d like to know if anyone here belongs to an inventors’ group and what your experience has been. I’m looking for a forum where I can meet with other inventors face-to-face to get some feedback on my product and recommendations on what my next step should be. I’m in the Los Angeles area.

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toni's Avatarg8_badge

Our dear friend Eva Winger lives in Calif.
she has her own inventor group – send her an
email, she is a member here on EN

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accountclosed's Avatar

Hi Susan. I recently stumbled upon this california women’s group:


It seems like they’re geared towards helping California women. I haven’t fully investigated it, but it looks like it’s worthy researching.

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rjlinnovations's AvatarRest In Peace


Here you go…this is one of the websites for my inventor’s group. It lists all the inventor groups around the country and other groups that may pertain.

I looked and there are piles listed for CA. I suggest you attend an inventors group. I don’t think I would be where I am at all without learning at my inventor’s group and their wonderful support and input.

Ron Komorowski
Inventor of Handi-Straps

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matt's Avataren_staff_badge

Check out this list, too, Susan:

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sillysue's Avatar

Thanks for the information.

If an inventors’ group requires everyone to sign a confidentiality agreement, do you believe it’s a good idea to present your product for review and feedback? I’m still in the secretive, “Patent Pending” phase.

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kalelkent's Avatar

I personally wouldn’t. A NDA is only as good as the person who signs it. If you want feedback, go to a respectable product evaluation company or a small group of people you trust.

Look at your invention like it is your credit card number. If you trust somebody with your credit card, let them review your product.

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mudtech's Avatargold

I go to inventors meeting at my patent attorneys office (Jill Welytok) once a month to learn more, and promote EN. But what are the benifits of joining a group?

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toni's Avatarg8_badge

Clint, We all meet for dinner once a month at
Toni’s house for macroni and meatballs. :D

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ginaslingshot's Avatar

Clint, I can only speak for the GA group, but our members include not only fellow inventors, but also patent agents and attorneys, prototypers, engineers, sales and marketing people, packaging experts, etc. It really is a great place to interact with people who are interested in the same things you are. You’d be surprised at how many “I have a contact in this area, or I know somebody that does” type situations you’ll be able to interact with. I don’t know if any of these are close to you, but these are chapters of the United Inventors Association of America in California http://www.uiausa.org/Default.aspx?page=81#California

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jkmcgill's Avatar

See this page at Inventors Diget web site.

Tons of groups listed.


I belong to one here in the Northeast and have found it helpful. I haven’t shared details of my invention but get a lot of info from the monthy speaker.


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iwcrew's Avatar

Inventor Groups are awesome! I belong to the one in my hometown, K.C.I.C., and am a approved corporate sponsor of the UIA, United Inventors Association.

Great resources

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iwcrew's Avatar

Here is a list of all the UIA sponsored groups around the country


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gizmo's Avatar

Contract Stephen Key or Andrew Krause Im sure they can hook you up Susan with no strings attached…..
It wont be long if you paid your USPTO issue fees before your patent gets published any way, so it wont be a secret…..You will be getting all kinds of junk mail for the next yr from all the invention submission blood suckers real soon.


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iwcrew's Avatar

I am super impressed with the work Stephen Key has done. I look forward to speaking with him myself in the very near future

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sleepyhead's Avatar

Kenny, Not that you care, but Stephen is as handsome in person as he is in his photos. AND, he is very generous and genuine.

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iwcrew's Avatar


You crack me up!. I spoke to Stephen and Andrew over the phone a couple times last week. They are a wealth of info and a fantastic resource. I hope to work with them in the future.

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junqdiva's Avatar

okay…so can anyone tell me how it works when you join or create a group here on EN?

What can or should I expect from belonging to a group?

how do I know when someone posts something in the group?

how active do you find groups to be?

are there any you would strongly recommend I join and why?

What are some of the pro’s of being in a group?

what are some of the cons?

Do you ever meet regularly on line or in person?


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