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A day to Remember

chappy75's Avatar

A little while back I described the "best day ever" that I had being invited to weigh in on french companies pitching to start doing business in Florida care of our local county business accelerator. Well, that led to many great things including being invited to be a Entrepreneurship/Inventing mentor at FGCU, our local University. I said that if there were ever a day that i would like to relive, it would be that one, right? Well, check out what I received yesterday... I feel honored and humbled AND let's not forget... Excited! 

Archie .
Jimmy's Band
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williamj's Avatargold

Hot dam James !!!!! Super congrats !!!!!!

James Chapman
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kimmyk's Avatargold

That's cool, but February 25??  Hope that's a Type-o.  Very flattering email.  Congrats!!    :)

So, are you getting some type of compensation for these appearances?  I would be leary of turning into a volunteer expert panelist, unless you're getting something worthwhile in return.  You're a busy man and need to spend your time wisely.

Ok, momma bear be quiet now.

James Chapman
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inovate's Avataree_badge

Kim lol 

Chappy, congratulations sounds like your new good day was nice and is working out well.

Good luck

James Chapman
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chappy75's Avatar


Nice catch on the typo... Lol... Figured it out!

I charge $150/hr. It is a donation and thusly no compensation but a Trumpian tax write off. My performance on a volunteer basis will determine my qualification for a faculty position at the "Emergent Technologies" facility for FGCU. Because they asked me back is a pretty important development. 

I am honored.

Mark Bartlett
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paulortega's Avatargold

Excellent James!

James Chapman
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