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Automotive Industry Comes Full Circle

williamj's Avatargold

One of the greatest innovations in the automotive industry, in recent times, has been the application of aerodynamics.

But at the same time aerodynamics severely limits body design. Prior to aerodynamics the body styles have ranged from convertibles, to sedans, to compact cars, to station wagons etc. With the application of aerodynamics all body styles have, of necessity, been almost identical.

However, I was out driving recently and began noticing the newer SUV body styles. And it occurred to me that if you took one of the newer body styles and extended its nose you would once again have...  a station wagon.

The automotive industry’s innovated design style has come full circle.

Collins Abraham
Kenneth Rainbolt
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keeztan's Avatargold

It still amazes me that the automotive industry is far ahead in technology that they can produce a car that drives itself and yet Airplanes and Jets need a guy with two orange flashlights to get them through the last 10 feet when parking.

Kenneth Rainbolt
Crystal-Diane Nappi
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cpatwal's Avatar

I think the cost of airplane and the impact of enormous fuel it carries (a very high risk to life and property damage) is what make the airline industry & regulators make stringent rules of deploying manpower for those few hundred feets !

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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

They are even starting making them to look like old ones on purpose. Mainly the hot rods.  What gets me about SUV’s and alot of smaller ones look similar.  Its like thay all go to a convention and say lets all design our cars like this  style this year and the SUV’s look like the subcompacts on steroids. I’m guessing they start with photoshop and start stretching  body shapes till they find something new.

Alejandro Perez Flores
Collins Abraham
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