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Can I request an update on my stage

burpbuddie's Avatar

Currently my Idea sits at stage 7 (Finalist). I passed stage 6 and have been on stage 7 since January. I have eagerly been waiting for a Green stage 7 but sadly it hasn't updated. Is there anyway that I can request information as to what's going on with my idea at the moment. Is Edison Nation pitching my idea to companies like Wal-Mart, etc. I'm still unsure what to expect even though I've read what to expect at stage 7. Any help or time you give me will be greatly appreciated.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Justin!

We'll be providing you a response on your concept via message within the EN system. In order to protect the IP associated with our ideas, we do not speak about specific ideas publicly within the forums.

In general, folks are always welcome to ask any questions at questions@edisonnation.com

Thank you!

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