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Do different submission groups communicate with each other? When an idea is submitted into different categories do groups share or communicate with each other?

alexcarzola's Avatargold

If an idea is submitted into several categories. Does each group within those categories have access to the other groups research and decision making? 

Can each group see the levels of another groups progress? 

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axy3d's Avatar

From my experience,  yes, I have submitted in the on going search and they compared my idea with others ideas that submitted to balloon time search even if this search is closed and in advanced evaluation process. Good luck

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Alex!

To answer your question, yes, the evaluation team does have access to all previous review comments from other team members in prior searches. 

Karen C Adams
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alexcarzola's Avatargold

Thank you 

Michelle and Aljazaari

Good stuff! 

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