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eluckey's Avatargold

So I've been researching about EN and I see they use to have a Edison Nation TV. 

1. Do they still have it?

2. How can I find out the successfull inventions from EN.

3. What is the average estimated time that EN get's a product interest from a company.

4. How do you know how often EN is picthing your product to a company.

I chose to go this route do to my busy life I just don't realy have to to reach out to companies. I was doing it myself for some years but realized I wasn't doing myself justice, just don't have the with a very busy family.

Thank You!

Paul Ortega
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kristina.poindexter's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Eddie!

Please find the answers to your questions below:

1) The Edison Nation TV series, Everyday Edisons is no longer in production.

2) You can take a look back at past licensing success here. We also make announces of recent successes within Room 5 and here within the forums. 

3) Once an idea has moved into Stage 7 of the evaluation process, the 6 month exclusivity period is triggered. This means that a presentation will be made for the idea and your idea would begin being pitched. The presentation date is usually set a few weeks following the close of the search. After the presentation has been given to our partner, they have between 45 days and 6 months to decide which ideas they'd like to move forward on.

4)If the team still has prospective contacts to pitch the idea to, they'll continue to pitch but as the exclusivity period would come to a conclusion, you'd be free to decide if you would like to pursue it on your own. 

Hope this information helps to clarify some of those things!

Michelle Sartori
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