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How am I moving along?

mattjg13's Avatar

Hello all! I fooled around here a few years ago but more recently came up with a new idea and decided to try this out again. It's 6 days since submission and I moved to stage 2. Am I moving along at an average pace? I was just curious. Glad to be here!

Frank Amato
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magurn's Avatar

Hi Matthew!

We're happy to have you back! The amount of time an idea moves from stage to stage varies depending on the idea and the work required for the evaluation at that stage. 

You should see movement on your idea within the next five days.

Thank you!


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mattjg13's Avatar


Thank you very much!

Michelle Sartori
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famatodad's Avatar

Hi Matthew< I was wondering its been about 2 months for you now. How far along are you. Whats your feelings on communications along this process?  I have four ideas with prototype's I'm just nervous to give the ideas over and then too find myself on my heels afterwords. I want to know if I hit submit that I would see progress. 

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aggiehouse's Avatar


I got all the way to step 8 (red x there though :( ), took about 1.5 months.

I hesitated as well, wish I had started earlier, go ahead and submit, you could already be 4 days into it by now.  :)

I think ideas with prototypes and videos move a bit quicker, since they are easier to grasp and understand.

Good luck!

Frank Amato
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famatodad's Avatar


                Thanks for the reply. Sorry to here about the problem with step 8. Keep up to date with any news. 

Thanks again Frank

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