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Idea Design Studio? Legit?

gport87780's Avatar

I’m interested in finding out if anyone has used Idea Design Studio services in providing Design work-up, Technical Writing, Technical Drawing, and Webpage workup? I appreciate any information on the services and reputation.

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brainstream's Avatargold

Jerry….Peruse at will:


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bulldog's Avatarg8_badge

Todd, I’m sure this came up a couple of days ago as well? They must be marketing pretty well!

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brainstream's Avatargold

Mogie…They are probably trying to parley EN’s success and recent growth

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hankandham's Avatar

I`m in the middle of a $4000.00 mistake from Idea Design Studios. I was told they would do a search on my idea before starting my project. Once they got my money they drew up a design that I could have done on my computer with a description that I furnished for them, and now after doing a Google patent search found that there are numerous patents on my idea, and is already in production. They don`t care. They`ve got my money. STAY AWAY !

Tyler Olson
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chicagoinventor's Avatarg8_badge

Sorry to hear that, Frank.

Brief advice is always do your own Google patent search yourself, 80-90% of the time you’ll find the same thing or something that meets the same consumer need. Just drop the idea and move on to the next one.

I don’t trust any inventor “help” company that advertises, best way to find someone is by referral. Several of your fellow EN members also do CAD and other work for other members. I’ve worked with John Vilardi and was happy with his work, Tim Hayes also has a great reputation in our community. If anyone else has another name to drop in the hat, please do so.

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tyler513's Avatar

frank, I see you posted this 2 years ago, same song and dance from me, price just went up, they wanted 6900USD from me, and I'm in Canada so with the exchange it's closer to 9500, before making the decision I did a patent search on google and found a design identical to the design they drew up for me, like a 100% duplicate so I called and said I'm backing out and they proceeded to try to convince me to still pay them and move forward with the idea. Started sounding more like a salesman than a production manager. So I backed out 700 dollars poorer. But I'm the proud owner of a drawing and 3D design of an idea that already exists. They are a real company however, not a scam outfit, just make sure you do as much leg work as you can before committing any of your hard earned dollars to a design. 

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pauly's Avatar

I was just contacted by Idea Design Studios (IDS) just a few moments ago and started looking up some reviews of them to start my research. I have not been active on EN before but plan on doing so now.

Has anything changed of the company IDS? The guy I talked to was a slick car sales man talker. Talked over me, called me his “friend” and wanted to “talk straight” with me, then dropped the 5G hammer. When I told him that was a bit much he went into con, man mode. Told me that 5G’s is nothing, that I should not worry about it and the money will be flowing in. Told me I was overreacting, told me that I was panicking. When I told him to stop talking to me like that he changed his tactic, got real aggressive. Telling me that anybody can change my design and sell it out from under me.

When I finally told him I would talk to my friend who was a patent attorney he told me that he would not know what he was talking about.

Basically I’m getting a lot of red flags on this guy and IDS. Am I wrong?

And if so I have a patented product and prototypes. Who can I talk to about selling it. Not wanting to manufacture and sell it, don’t want a %, just want to sell it. Any Ideas?

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thom33's Avatar

Red flag..?

More like a red QUILT.

Paul, you did the right thing...


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inventphillips's Avatar

I have a prototype, patent pending status,videos how do I go about getting a honest company to help with my invention. I have dealt with many that have rob me plenty of my hard earn cash. HELP PLEASE.

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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Winston!

We are certainly here to help! I would recommend reviewing the terms and conditions outlined within the Edison Nation Help Page (along with other process details) to see if Edison Nation is a fit for your needs. 

If you feel comfortable, you're welcome to submit your idea via our secure online submission system. We're here and happy to answer any additional questions you may have on the EN process.

Best of luck!

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keeztan's Avatargold

What Michelle said

Michelle Sartori
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