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Im already producing a great product but need a lot of help. What should I do?

jshrimpton67's Avatar

Hello Everyone!

I have been absent from the Edison family for quite awhile. I knew if I ever needed any help with anything, that you guys were very wise, very willing to share your wisdom with those who lack it like I do. You guys are amazing and super friendly as well. I miss being apart, but glad I am back. 

My question relates to something I've been making in my garage/workshop for awhile now. They are 3D illuminated signs. Signs of all kinds, and designs that have a 3D effect and are illuminated. People do love them and have good success without really marketing much at all. I have gotten overwhelmed with orders in the past and with this new design idea I see tremendous potential. I have myself have already been overwhelmed with new orders. I work full time with USPS. Almost 28 years now. I don't want to retire just yet from them. 

My question is I would like to some how license this idea out to someone, and draw royalties from it. I'm always coming up with new ideas, and already create and sell other things as well. BUT, I see SO much potential with this particular design. I have checked with a couple of sign manufacturers and their pricing is outrageous and something I couldn't afford. They also only want to handle the manufacturing and nothing else. I want to try and find a company that will take the idea and run with it. Do you guys have any advice or suggestions for me?  THANKS!

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jerry!

Welcome back! I'll defer to our community for their insights, but if you haven't already done so, you may want to share the idea within our All Category Search for evaluation.

Best of luck!

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