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Inventor Angels

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Just wondering if anyone knows anything about a company called Inventor Angels


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sjane722's Avatargold

At first glance it looks kind of impressive, but the 20% royalty sounds wacky, doesn't it? Royalties are never that high. And that's the percentage they want for themselves?

And they deliberately say they do not require NDA when sharing your idea with third parties.

Those things seem like red flags.

I understand that I am submitting my idea to G&R Creative Solutions (G&R) for the purpose of evaluation and in consideration for possible assistance in developing and marketing my idea. I understand that there is no cost for this submission at this time. I understand that this submission does not constitute an agreement or arrangement of any kind with G&R. I understand that following review, G&R will communicate with me and present me with available options based on the merits of my submission. I understand that neither myself or G&R is currently under any obligation to go forward based on this submission, but that a mutually beneficial arrangement may be available if both parties agree and confirm in writing. I understand that if any efforts by G&R result in a product licensing or sales deal with a company or companies, an industry minimum royalty share of only 20% will be retained by G&R for their services. I also understand that G&R will use its best efforts to maintain the confidentiality of my idea, but has the right to share with key individuals associated with G&R for the purpose of evaluating, developing and/or promoting my product.

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sjane722's Avatargold

Their tips and advice page is from InventorzNetwork. I found their videos on YouTube a while ago. There was a little bit of interesting content, but for the most part they seemed done rather poorly. 


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keeztan's Avatargold

Sarah, I may be wrong, but it appears that they are charging for services rendered AND retaining 20% of any royalty paid to the inventor.

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rogerbrown's Avatargold

In my opinion I don't see them any different from the next Invention Submission company. They say "


It is a win win for them if you happen to come to them with a  great idea they will help you build it. It seem s their bread and butter is selling you services. Check out their ou work  page https://www.inventorangels.com/our-work.html

The Broomy and the Cozy Cup seem to be the only two actually on the market. They look like they do good work. But as a design firm they should do good work.

I believe the 20% is of the royalty you get from a licensing deal, so 20% of your 5% is not a bad deal.

The question anyone using them needs to ask is How many Inventors have made more in royalties than paid you for your services?

They were smart with their name. Inventor Angels is real close to Investor Angels.

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sjane722's Avatargold

Roger, thanks for clarifying that 20%!

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