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Licensor is not getting back to me.

dcreasey's Avatar

I have a quick question about licensing agreements.  I presented my idea to a possible licensor back in June.  He like the idea and we even talked about licensing in the meeting.  He wanted to run the idea by his tech because he goes off of his opinion on whether it would be a good product for there industry.  They talked but i cant get anything out of the licensor.  He is wanting to sit down with his tech and talk more in depth but it feels like he is dragging his feet.  I have given him chances to say that it's something he doesn't want to pursue but he never reaches out it's always me reaching out to him.  I know he is busy but o feel like I'm being dragged along.  If you were in this situation what wouldyou do?


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chucky's Avatar

Many times people have so much on their plate that are of more immediate priority.  Keep contacting him periodically without crossing the line of being a pest and absolutely keep presenting your idea to other potential manufacturers while doing so.

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