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Losing hope

kody90hudson's Avatar

I am really at a dead end here, over the past 20 years I have contemplated and concluded a different force to use to generate thrust. Maybe I was an idiot by going patent pending early, but really I just need to get this out there to the right person or company. I don't have money for sophisticated prototyping, I don't have money for business plans etc... I am not interested in starting a business. I simply want to show a company my idea so they can develop it as their own while naturally breaking me off a piece of the pie. What I do have is a functional model. But my scale is too small to achieve lift. I am no designer. But I did have proof of concept through an experiment.. the biggest part about my concept is that it will produce no danger zones to cause injury to objects or people. I truly feel like my concept will spark the abilities to place hover cars on the highways. Please I just need help. I don't know what to do. This will crush me if this slips out of my fingers after all the dedication to not give up. But seriously I am about to. I'm not asking for the easy ride, but I am out of options. Just spill the beans and be done with this? I just really honestly feel the world deserves to have what I have discovered. I just don't want to be left high and dry.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Kody and welcome to Edison Nation!

Based on your message, you've come to the right place! You're welcome to share your idea safely and securely to one of our innovation searches. We do not require ideas to be patented and we do not require ideas to have formal prototypes.

To learn more about our process and review our standard terms and conditions before submitting your idea, please visit the Edison Nation Help Page.

If you feel we're a fit for you, we look forward to reviewing your idea soon!

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