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Quirky.com: another crowdsourcing invention site

sparkbugg's Avataree_badge

Hey all. If you have great ideas and don’t want to wait until the next LPS, you can pitch them over at Quirky.com. Yes, it costs $99, but each week, there are on average 30 submissions, and one of them gets chosen to be developed. And if it is your idea that gets chosen, you can make around 10% of sales if it goes into production (after about 600-700 get preordered by the community).

I am the inventor of Monster Pong (Season 2) and also had my idea chosen by Spencer’s (in EN’s first LPS), and I am STILL waiting for either to be up for purchase. :(

But at Quirky.com, one of my designs (for an IPad case) is currently going into production, and an invention of mine (The Wrapster, an earphone cord management device) is 200 presales away from production, all within 2 months of my pitches. They move fast over at Quirky! Check out Quirky and The Wrapster here: http://snipurl.com/umhwy

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ccanderson's Avatar

I’ve got an app in consideration at Medl; I saw your post on the FB page yesterday and ended up watching the wrapster pitch on your blog. Great design and great pitch. Good luck!

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mtm2009's Avatar

Carrie, I was wondering how your app was doing :) I have submitted over 50 and have about 5 left that are being reviewed :) Good luck to you!

Matt thanks for the information, I love trying out new things!

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mtm2009's Avatar

Matt, how fast did you find out that your idea was chosen? Your inventions sound very neat by the way, I will have to check them out!

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ccanderson's Avatar

Wow over 50 app ideas! I’m still holding tight on 1 of my 3.

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sparkbugg's Avataree_badge

Hey Guys, thanks for the comments. I am planning on submitting more to MEDL soon. Glad to hear that you both are doing so well there.

Maria, once you submit your idea, the voting and decision will be made in about 7 days, at which point you will know if your idea was picked or not. Then another few days for research (Quirky asks the community to fill out a survey regarding the product), then folks vote on the actual industrial design for about 6 days, then everyone votes for name, tag line, then the logo. Then it goes on presale, and once it hits its threshold (about 600-700 pre-orders), the it goes into production.

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mtm2009's Avatar

Thanks for replying Matt. Sounds like fun! Good luck on your ideas!

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patentagent's Avatar

I had a good look at that Quirky site – it seems pretty nice to me. Does anyone know whether they are legit? I’d hate to recommend them if they merely took $99 for invention submissions and did nothing – but otherwise they seem like a well organized site. Anyone?

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zabber's Avatar

Yes, they are, I am one of the idea people on the Cloak Undercover iPad case! I am earning with JUST IDEA’S and influence .59 cents per sale! I invested NOTHING but my idea’s on the product! Matthew and I are both influencer’s on this product the Cloak iPad Case. It went to market 3 days ago and is now in production for a May 1 delivery date. They have resellers that take this from ground zero to now in stores (online). They have huge investors and just launched their 10th product today….This is the real deal and if you bomb on your own invention or idea on EN, try them!

You don’t even need to invest, you can just give your input and EARN interest in the product…It does need to meet threshold for pre-sales in order to go to market, but Matt is right, this is a great site and company! I also influenced on the Wrapster of Matt’s! Check it out!


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rogerbrown's Avatargold

I posted the below on another thread here titled “Invention Project” http://www.edisonnation.com/forums/creativity/t... You did not respond to that post and started this new thread. On that thread you state “I am making $.49 cents per sale once it goes to market, so if you can actually get it to market, I would join you, if not join quirky.com and make money now!”

On this thread you are posting making .59 cents per sale. This type of marketing will work for the person that is outgoing and good at drumming up sales like telemarketing. Not every Inventor that is here has that background or ability. So, if they paid their money and were picked to go to the pre-sale level it will just sit there if they do nothing and hope people order it. Unless they have the time to pitch it around and get the pre-sales to make it profitable to make and sell.

Am I missing anything?

This is what I posted on the other thread you did not respond too.

Andrea, I looked at Quirky and need someone like you that has been through the process explain it a little more to me. From I read you pay $99 to get them to look over your product. Then people like yourself review and vote on it. If it gets enough votes they do more detailed renderings and you now have to get enough people saying they want it (pre-sell) or basically get enough orders in to make it profitable for them to make the product. Then once they get enough pre-orders they make the product and fill the orders.

One thing I don’t see is any mention of patent protection before the community sees it. Also, there is no limit to how many people can jump in and contribute to an idea. You can dilute any percentage to next to nothing if enough people jump in. The site FAQ says
“30% of all top line revenue brought in by each product by sales made directly on our site, as well as 10% of indirect retail sales gets distributed to a product’s influencers….Around 40% of the above reward goes to the ideator him/herself.
There is no cap on the number of influencers.”

You mention “I am making $.49 cents per sale once it goes to market” So, does that mean it has enough pre-sales already and they are making the product or are you still at the getting enough pre-sale stage?



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pegman's Avatar

newbie with some products that I would love to license so I went over to the Quirky site and am tempted to submit. But… there are some problems I see arising….

You sign over all IP right at the beginning, correct? what if nothing happens or worse yet they go into production but distribution is terrible essentially meaning low sales numbers and a distributor with better distribution comes along. It looks like this could be pretty risky if you have viable IP with any kind of life expectancy, you simply don’t have an out from what I see.

Second concern, they claim to be able to do an incredibly quick turn time to get into production. I’ve been in industry, there is a very slim chance (if any) that they would be building cost effectively without having time to invest into the appropriate tooling.

just a few concerns I’d have before dishing out $99 for someone to take your IP. Now that I wrote that, I deffinately would not give away my IP and pay them to take it.

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rjlinnovations's AvatarRest In Peace

These guys at Quirky seem impressive and hopeful to become a major player…I think. There is room for many good companies like Edison Nation if they don’t go at each others throats.

I do think though they have a long way to catch up to Edison Nation and to have the leverage in the market as EN does.

There are 3 markets. Primary, secondary and then custom you may say. EN is in the primary mostly. That is the largest retailers. Next are the secondary that sell kind of different things that can’t get high volumes and then there is a 3rd market which the best example is the catalogs with far outside of the box products that can no way compete with primary markets or could even afford to “play” in that market because of slower sales.

Quirky is in the lower markets and just on the internet so far it seems…maybe in a few catalogs like Harriet Carter or something…but they are impressive and someone to watch for the future….my opinion…..which does not meet too much….but they are no Edison Nation yet.

Don’t forget….nothing is selling out there now in this economy. Only things that people really need. This makes it tough for launching products. My sales numbers are SO BAD right now…dropped so bad…it is enough for some to wanna walk away…or atleast for a while.

Matt…as far as your monster pong invention…that is going to be one of the toughest things to sell these days….it’s nobody’s fault but the economy. Also, if you launch a product you must make “the minimum numbers” or you lose. I have some products that I just can’t make the numbers so they are on hold.

I just watched a bio on CNBC. The history of Harley Davidson. Even they had some losing years in not as bad recessions and one time were forced to sell in bad times and bought the company back a few years later. Harley Davidson is probably one of the very strongest U.S. corporation’s story with a product and even they had losing years. What good is launching a product today if you will lose money???? Better off to wait it out…no?

Ron Komorowski
Inventor of Handi-Straps

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matt's Avataren_staff_badge

Hey Guys,
First, a heartfelt thanks to our own Matt Fleming for advertising for a “competitor” right here on our forums. I just hope you return the favor and tell others, including the Quirky community about Edison Nation, too.

There are a lot of differences between how Quirky does things and how we do things. Most importantly, their model is basically to pre-sell products until they hit a break-even with manufacturing so they can put in an order for a run. At that point, if the product sells well, they might put in another order if they can get significant distribution.

We start on the other end of the spectrum. We partner with the companies who can guarantee huge distribution and promotion. We’ve learned after many years in this business that the biggest hurdle isn’t developing the product, it’s getting it placed and sold everywhere – that’s how you make significant money in product development. There are a ton of really cool products that are a commercial failure because the team behind them didn’t understand this.

On a personal note Matt, we’ve never given up on you. I still strongly believe Monster Pong is one of the coolest things we’ve ever worked on! And it will triumph in the end. As a matter of fact, we rebooted our strategy for Monster Pong just a few weeks ago and it is currently in the hands of the absolute #1 manufacturer/distributor for that industry and looking good. Believe me, when it’s official, everybody will hear about it right here – I’m very excited for it!

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mtm2009's Avatar

Andrea, I was just wondering if once and idea is chosen on QuirKy before it goes public if their team has already gotten a provisional patent or patent on it. I am just curious b/c if they don’t then the idea can just get “stolen” right? I am considering submitting a product that is a neat idea, but it is by no means my “baby” since I am really worried about everyone seeing. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer. Happy inventing!

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matt's Avataren_staff_badge

As a clarifier, I don’t really see them as competition per se – that’s why I put “competitor” in quotes. I think their process is more of a novelty and not a very strong long-term strategy for their products. The team behind Quirky has built a few different Web sites in the past several years and most of them seem to get a lot of buzz and then die off/shut down pretty quickly. One in particular promised to create crowdsourced products from idea to production in 72 hours. Needless to say, it didn’t pan out for them and they shut it down.

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zabber's Avatar

Matt, thank you for jumping in this forum. It’s nice to hear from you and your thoughts. I do not believe they are apples to apples in a competitive way with EN, just my opinion. They have brought to date 10 products to production and are selling them now on their site and about 4-5 others. They have posted a good amount of communication on their forum’s and they are now looking to hire a team to go out and mass market their small store of products.

Example: The Cloak Undercover iPad case is selling now and so far (you can see status on their product page of how many have sold up to the second) they have sold over 700 units (some in pre-sale and now as it’s going to production). I think all we are saying to inventors is that if you want to TRY other outlets for your idea’s, check them out. It MAY NOT be for you, and NO they do not protect the idea prior to it going to votes, I would suggest protecting it yourself at least with a provisional and let them and the crowd know this up front.

Even if you NEVER put in your own idea’s, you can jump onto the bandwagon for someone that has been chosen and earn influence through the process. I am making .59 cents (correction) on ALL sales of the Cloak and I think Matt is somewhere around .49 cents per sale. This is the reward for being part of the group and getting your idea’s across to include logo, design, naming of the product and tag line (I came up with the tagline, that’s why I am up on the 3rd from the top in getting paid).

But, can you imagine if this product does sell to the masses and even if we make $1500 or $50,000 + over a lifetime of the product, that’s not a bad day to just give your opinion and be chosen for them!

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mtm2009's Avatar

Andrea, thanks for clarifying :) Do they provide protection for your idea after everyone votes and you win? Thanks much!!

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zabber's Avatar

I believe that is up to them, I am not sure how their process works but my guess would be yes. You can ask them by emailing them more specifics on it.

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citizen's Avatar

I personally think that there is a place in the market for both Edison Nation and Quirky. They all have their advantages and so far I think EN has shown that its making great strides.

The thing I like about Quirky over EN, is that although submitting cost $99, a bit more than EN, you can contribute to someone else’s idea for free. It also allows you as an inventor to get feedback and suggestions on your idea. It also has faster results and less ambiguity with dates and deadlines. One thing I dislike about EN is its not as simple as the deadlines, things change, there are sometimes no “winners”.

To me if you get your idea selected on EN, you are more apt to make more money, sell more products, but making it there is a harder slope to climb, where on Quirky, there is less competition, but less reward also.

Getting your idea picked by EN is like winning the lottery…getting your idea picked at Quirky is like winning a scratch-off. With the lottery its a one in a million chance to win millions…with a scratch-off there’s a good chance you’ll win if you keep playing and you could win anything from $2 to millions of dollars.

I would LOVE EN to maybe offer contests/searches that take advantage of some of Quirky’s qualities like community input, feedback, etc…but utilize there approach after that.

I understand this is a business, but don’t always like how EN copes with its competitors or others who offer alternative methods.

Just my thoughts.


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mtm2009's Avatar

Thanks for all the information Andrea :)

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