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tested the water

karenadams's Avatar

For those that have read or shook their heads at some of my posts, just wanted to let you know I finally submitted a couple of concepts to a company. 

The feedback was great and I am thankful for the CEO's input. Cute, well thought out, but unfortunately did not meet the 5 second rule, due to a short back story which might not engage the consumer quickly enough. Now, I understand this completely. 

I asked about the next concept and he expressed an interest. Haven't heard anything back yet and hoping it is well received..

All in all I am absolutely ecstatic. My daughter and sweetie are quite concerned for me as they do not know anything about the inventing processes. As long as I am smiling they are ok.

Well, I had to start somewhere and get my feet wet again, before considering submitting here and really appreciate this forum.

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jdowney9000's Avatar


I'm trying to read your post here, and, well, I have a chocolate addiction and your cake slice looks so yummy. I'm going for some cake. BRB


There, much better.

Hmm, consider Wayne Gretsky; and how many shots had had to practice before he reached the NHL.

P.S. I think the 5 second rule applies to quiting inventing too. Inventors can only truly quit for 5 seconds.

Karen C Adams
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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Congrats on getting your feet wet. I have gotten my feet wet many times here. I haven’t had to put on my boots yet, although sometimes I feel like I’m swimming in here. lol

I’m still trying to get my wallet fat, but it will come. Enjoy your experience and never give up! 

Karen C Adams
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