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Typical time frames

ajohnson41809's Avatar

I'm just curious as to how long, typically, each stage of submission takes. I also am wondering about the quarterly search, and how that process works, if differently from a general open submission. 

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Ashley!

This is a hard question to answer because it varies greatly. A lot of variables are in play, such as: how many searches are currently running on Edison Nation (EN), how many presentation dates are coming up, when you submitted your idea, and more.

The time it takes to review your idea depends on the search specifics, as well as the volume and complexity of submissions. In general, stages 1 through 3 move quickly. We typically begin reviewing stages 4 and beyond after the search has closed. After stage 4, EN is conducting extensive reviews so the time frame of movement seems to be longer.

For sponsored innovation searches, please expect that all concepts will be reviewed up until the presentation date. This presentation date is usually set a few weeks following the close of the search. After the presentation has been given to our partner, they have between 45 days and 6 months to decide which ideas they'd like to move forward on.

The EN Team works very hard to move this along as quickly as we can, and we promise to keep you updated along the way. Join the forums where you'll usually likely find a topic dedicated solely to a search. Here, you can collaborate with fellow inventors who are going down the same path as you! And don't forget to check for movement on your dashboard.

The ASOTV quarterly searches are conducted for three month periods with evaluations being done on an ongoing basis. You can learn more about the ASOTV process here.

To learn more about the EN process and get answers to other frequently asked questions, check out the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck!

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ajohnson41809's Avatar

Thank you very much for the explanation of process.

Michelle Sartori
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