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Wind Energy

williamj's Avatargold

I think that this so cool and viable.


Kenneth Rainbolt
Archie .
Kathy Day
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letm31n's Avatar

I do too William! I would love to see Harmony replace the current wind turbines. Especially for the safety of our wildlife! That broke my heart to see the eagle injured :(

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Wouldn't it be great if each home could have one!  I hope he's successful.

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vitaminguy's Avatargold

I've been working on a vertical wind turbine for several years, so this is very interesting to me. Very cool design. Vertical turbines are much more stable at high speeds than the prop type kind. I wonder how much better the performance versus the added cost, as compared common vertical blades? Either way, it's still very creative!!!

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kimmyk's Avatargold

It looks a lot nicer than those wind farms.  It aggravates me every time I see those huge fan blades being hauled down the highway, and it really ruins the scenery too.  I still haven't figured out how having a wind farm in West Texas benefits enough people to be worthwhile.  It's hundreds of miles to the closest town!!

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simonescelsa's Avatar

Cross section is much smaller, hence you extract much less energy per turbine.

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williamj's Avatargold


I think that the small cross-section is probably a good thing.

The small cross-section makes stacking units a viable solution. By stacking units you are able to take advantage of lower wind speeds. And at higher wind speeds, a magnetic brake, powered by the overvoltage, will engage prior to mechanical failure slowing things down to keep everything safe and productive.

Kim L
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