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Foreign patent applications

solberg's Avatargold

In reading about the contact with Great Star and their search for tool ideas, I'm wondering whether it is advisable in a situation like this for inventors to apply for patent protection overseas considering that Great Star's market is primarily in Asia. Does the agreement that Great Star signs with Edison Nation only apply to the domestic market or are they free to commercialize an invention in markets where patent protection does not exist? This is a hypothetical question since I am trying to gain some knowledge about the contract between inventors, Edison Nation and investors.

Thanks for any input.

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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Robin!

As far as patenting, Edison Nation does not provide legal guidance - you'd need to consult with a patent attorney on next steps.

Regarding our process, we do not require patent protection to have ideas considered. The Great Star presentation will be made to their US team here in North Carolina. All our sponsored searches are governed by agreements made with the sponsors that include confidentiality language for any ideas presented to them.

It is always in our best interest, and beyond commercialization, our #1 goal, to protect the intellectual property (filed or not) associated with the ideas we present as that IP is what would ultimately be licensed.

Hope this clarifies and best of luck!

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freyinnovations's Avatar

I would imagine if Great Star picks your idea in the final round, and work out a licensing deal with you, they would apply for domestic and foreign patents themselves.

Stage 6:

In this stage, we perform an in-depth analysis of competing intellectual property, patents and ideas in the public domain. If your idea has a patent or patent application filed, we review the patent or application and confirm its status. If your idea does not have IP filed, we compare it to published patents and patent applications to determine whether it meets patent requirements.

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magurn's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi guys!

A point of clarification around process. If an idea is selected, Edison Nation would handle all required patent filings for the concept. Until it is licensed, the IP responsibility (should the inventor chose to file on their own), lies with the inventor.


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freyinnovations's Avatar

There you go. You asked if you should file for an international patent for something that you currently have in the Great Star product search. The answer is no.

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sunto's Avatar

Interesting as most of the people that cannot afford to bring a product to market have to find the money to patent the product as others profit from it . Overseas patents are  a costly business guys and not to forget the translation cost. I think it is a bottomless IP money pit . And it doesn't stop at patents. 

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