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I can prove that an invention of an item/product was my original idea...

csolman's Avatar

A very successful item/product was marketed in the year 2000. 

What can I do if I have proof that this was my original invention idea?  The proof is in the form of a local newspaper publication. At my school's "Invention Convention" in 1988, I was in 6th or 7th grade.  The local newspaper published a photo identifying me as the inventor, and wrote a description of the invention, how it was made, and it's purpose.  What is quite is quite coincidental is that the man who is credited with the invention is from my home state...

Do I have any grounds to claim this invention? Should I? It is a successful and lucrative product...

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kevin_johnson's Avatar

Contact a patent attorney for a frank and realistic analysis.

Helene Schmidt
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kristina.poindexter's Avataren_staff_badge

Hi Christine, 

Kevin's response is correct. In this situation we can not advise but we do recommend that you speak with a patent attorney for more information. 

Best of luck,


Helene Schmidt
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