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Idea from paper, to prototype and provisional patent

fishtuna's Avatar

I am a new member of EN and could use some advice on a few basics. I'm not a Facebook user or even a guy that has joined many forums, so my exposure is limited. Please excuse me in advance for EN 101, but I could use a hand.

I have been working on an idea on paper for about a year and am very excited with my it, but I am at a point where I'm worried about disclosing it before I file for provisional patent. I would like to bring my idea to an mechanical engineer to come up with a prototype, but I'm worried without filing for patent first.

It's very possible and probable that a skilled engineer will be able to tweak my ideas to better facilitate the workings of my idea, so I'm worried if I file for provisional patent and the idea changes enough, then possibly my patent will not pertain enough to the newer idea and be useless. The intellectual property as well comes into play here with engineer.

I'm about half way finished with "The Independent Inventor's Handbook", and I have found more examples of others, but not the basics. Possibly it is yet to come.

Any help here on the basic steps would certainly be appreciated, as I'm sure many of you have been here at one point in your adventurous minds. Thank you in advance for your time.

Garth M. - Dover NH

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kevin_johnson's Avatar

Hi Garth,

First you need a non-disclosure agreement.  There are legal help websites that may sell you a template that you can fill in.  Google is your friend.

Next you have to realize that you should pay for the services of a Professional Engineer.  There are NUMEROUS mechanical engineers but far fewer that reach the level of a professional engineer; you also want the accompanying code of ethics. Do another Google search and societies of PEs will come right up along with their code of ethics. How much a PE would charge you, I do not know.

Be mentally prepared that a well experienced engineer will tell you that your idea is not original.

Good luck.

Patricia Porco
Helene Schmidt
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